20 Kichen Gadgets You Should Never Buy

9 March, 2017

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 - by katewatson

We tend to spend a lot of money buying kitchen gadgets that we never use.  Most of these gadgets are sitting on  kitchen counter tops without being used or they are looked away in the storage. Does this ring a bell? I must confess I bought a bread maker in the hope of using it. After 3 year of owning this bread maker I have not even used it even once. This has made me realise that some of the things we buy for our kitchens are not necessary.

Here Are  20 Kitchen  Gadgets You Should Never Buy.

1. Bread Maker

2. Pop Corn Maker

3. Ice Cream Maker

4. Doughnut Maker

5. Chocolate Fountain

6. Mini Chopper

7. Egg Boiler

8.Yoghurt Maker

9. Egg Separator

10. Garlic Peeler

11. Ice Tea Maker

12. Cup Cake Maker

13. Pie Maker

14. Chocolate Brownie Maker

15. Garlic Peeler.

16. Muffin Toaster

17. Butter Speader

18. Pizza  Baker

19. Apple Peeler

20. Electric Cheese Grater

Most people own one or a few of these kitchen gadgets but they are worth a lot of money. Why keep something you are not using? Why not sell them onAmazon or EBay.

Money Saving Tip: Before buying your next kitchen gadget ask yourself the following questions.

Do you need that gadget?

Are you going to use it regularly?

Are you buying it because you are “keeping up with the Joneses”?

Which gadgets have I missed in the list. Leave them in the comments.

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