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28 November, 2016

Once you have joined a CPA network and chosen an offer that you’d like to build a campaign around, it is crucial that you promote it in the way to maximize profits and continued success.

Here are three common ways that CPA offers are promoted successfully:

Your Own Blog/Site
If you already have an existing website that is generating traffic in a specific niche, then this is the perfect place to start testing your new CPA offer.

The important thing here (as with any of your CPA marketing) is that you use an offer that is relative to your existing content. For example, you would not want to promote an offer for nail polish on a football site.

Remember that CPA offers work best on high quality, relevant, targeted niche sites.

Site Specifically Designed For CPA Offer
If you know the basics of creating a blog or static website, then you can build one specifically for promoting your CPA offer. Alternatively, you can also have one created by a blog/site design service. However, there are also several templates available that allow you to create your own easily without too much of a learning curve.

Once you create a page exclusively promoting your CPA offer, then you will need to drive traffic to it. Often, a one page CPA offer is promoted via PPC (Pay Per Click) services like Google Adwords.  Although using PPC can give you tons of visitors within hours or even minutes, it’s also a tricky game to play if you are inexperienced.  You are paying for each visitor, so you have to convert a certain ratio in order to make a profit or at least break even. It’s good to start small if you are going this route and get some PPC knowledge through blogs and ebooks.

Keep in mind that this method also will require a lot of time, at first, monitoring and tracking results until your tests have found a winner that you can put on auto-pilot.

Squeeze Page
You’ve probably heard the Internet marketing saying “the money is in the list“.
A squeeze page is a basic page that asks for a user’s email address before leading them to the offer automatically after doing do. In this case, you get to build a targeted email list which you can promote to further via email since they opted in.

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