3 Most Important Email Marketing Statistics

19 June, 2014

Jake Emen asked:

There are many different email marketing statistics which may or may not prove to be successful for tracking the results of your emails. While there are many to consider, these 3 are the most important for managing your email campaigns and being able to improve them in the future.
The Open Rate – The open rate is the number of people who opened up your email. This is the most important statistic to discuss because it is also the most easily misunderstood. To begin with, the way preview panes are viewed as opens or not isn’t consistent. Also important is that open rates are based off 1×1 pixel images placed into your messages. Anybody on your list who has images turned off on their email therefore does not get counted as an open.
It’s useful as a comparison between your campaigns, but not really to judge how successful an individual campaign is. Clearing up this misconception will paint a clearer picture for your overall campaign success.
The Click Through Rate- The click through rate, or CTR, may be the most valuable of all of the email marketing statistics. Your company sends out email campaigns for a reason, usually to get somebody to visit your website and then usually take some further action. The CTR for an email tells you how many people clicked through on any of your links.
You can compare the effectiveness of different calls to action within the same message or in separate campaigns and you can see how many people liked your email enough to take the next step. This is crucial information that can help you convert your leads better and see much better results with all of your campaigns and communications.
The Conversion Rate- The conversion rate takes the idea of the click through rate one step farther. Your conversion rate is the actual percentage of people who received the email and completed the full action you wanted them to take. More than just clicking on a link, they made a purchase or they signed up for something or took any kind of quantifiable action that you requested for.
You may have to compute this one on your own if your sales and email systems aren’t integrated. To do this you can place tracking IDs in your links so you can see how people ended up on your page when they ended up making a purchase. In this way you can actually see what the ROI on all of your email messages were.
With a basic understanding of these 3 email marketing statistics you’ll be able to keep much better control over your email campaigns. Avoid using the open rate as your guiding light, because quite simply it is a flawed statistic.
Learn from your own mistakes and see what works better than something else. Always tweak, optimize and evolve or risk being left behind as your email campaigns flounder and stumble along.

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