3 Ways to Make Money On the Internet by Giving Things Away

21 April, 2014

Listed below are three proven ways to earn money freely giving free stuff.

Of course there are many ways to make money online, but we’ve found that giving away free stuff is the right way to catch your website visitors interest.

you would possibly recognize this from yourself. You see a coupon from the newspaper and you tear it released. The coupon says something like ‘get 10% discount on XXX and find a free MP3 player’. What can you do? Yes you guessed it. you to the store and buy your handmade jewelry to get the free stuff.

these days, how does this relate to online?

1. Offer a free ebook on your own favorite subject. Like the free MP3-player your visitor must be pushed over the edge to collect this bonus gift.

The free ebook may just be one that you’ve made yourself about your selected hobby or your special interest. it may also be about how to save money each time you go shopping.

2. Don’t forget to create a subscriber variety. Ensure that your web page contains a email form where your visitors can sign up for your newsletter or your special lines. You don’t want to waste this visitor. You want that money visitor an extra chance so you can make money out of that email list.

3. There are affiliate programs on the internet, where you can sign up free of charge. Especially the CPA offers are very important because they pay you per lead. Some CPA offers are very simple and pay you money each time a visitor submit their name and electronic mail address. Now, isn’t this a simple way to make quick money on-line?

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