3C Charles Choubane Conseil Grain TRADING SA is a Ukrainian company that is in Grain Business Felixs

27 February, 2013

3C Charles Choubane Conseil Grain Trading SA hereafter 3C Grain 3C Charles Choubane Conseil Grain TRADING SA is a Ukrainian company that is wholly owned by the Charles Choubane Conseil group.

It was created 3 years ago to close the worldwide physical and “paper” / derivatives of grain trading activities developed by Charles Choubane Conseil., with 200 000 hectares owned in central Ukraine, 4 farms, silos, train station , silos on docks port, in fact all horizontal concentration for control and process Grain business in Ukraine. In the newly incorporate company, Charles Choubane Conseil, 3C Grain will continue to process functions similar to those of a Treasury Department, but for the “grain price flows” of approximately 250.000 tonnes a month of World Grain and 150.000 tonnes a month of exclusive Ukraine farmed product.

3C Grain used this AGRICOLA base to expand its own trading base, but in a way that answers as well to enhance the liquidity and the commercialize related information for the group. In the grain sector, 3C Grain is active through a wide range of legal instruments including the physical markets, the listed markets, the forward markets, and all the grain derivative markets.

While raising in absolute terms, the volume of grain derivatives products traded by 3C Grain for the account of Partners Companies decreased over time in relative terms, due to the ever more important flow of activity being developed with its risk management Partners. As a answer, for this last years, 3C Grain has been ranked in the league tables one of the most competitive and active Grain trading companies.

Unlike most of its main banking competitors 3C Grain’s precedence is not the sale of standard products, but rather to focus on customers’ nominal needs and prospects. That strategy is trained at developing a long term relationship with customers, based on 3C Grain’s exclusive knowledge of market circumstances gained over the years and an outstanding expertise in a wide range of fiscal and trading instruments.

By working closely without a broad kind of customers – manufacturers and consumers of grain, financial institutions involved in Agricola fields as well as investment funds, 3C Charles Choubane Conseil Grain Trading SA has indeed been productive in setting up a form of risk management systems in client-specific contexts, that are currently used by Risk Managers for annual risk follow-up and operational hedging decisivenesses.


Company in France
Charles Choubane Conseil
03 rue Dangeau/65, Avenue Mozart, 75016, Paris, France.
International Trade Number Agreement: 212/217/ VNPQRLL ICC
Registration in France : SIRET PARIS N: 47834788300017

Company in Ukraine:
3CGrain Charles Choubane OOO
65, Richelievskaya -65009 -Odessa
Registration in Ukraine : 2556 000 0000 061168

Visit us http://3cgrains.blogspot.com/
Skype: simon.lau.cp

October 31 2010

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October 31 2010

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October 29 2010

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil play a key role in overall health. They are beneficial for those who have high blood pressure and can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack as well. Additionally, they are recommended for lowering cholesterol. Some people may also find relief from arthritis, as fish oil pills are known to help with inflammation.

Taking fish oil supplements will help your brain to work better, help you to focus better, and stay sharp. Most people don’t really pay attention to the vitamins and nutrients that they are missing out on with certain foods that they eat, and other foods that they simply neglect to eat. The bottom line is the brain needs the right vitamins, minerals, and fats to keep it healthy.

However, there are some precautions you should take regarding fish oil pills. For starters, you should ensure that they come from fish that swim in clean water. That’s why it’s important to know your stuff before buying any products. Check that they have good levels of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids as well. Generally speaking, 250 mg in 1000 mg capsules are ideal.

As with any type of supplement, you should understand that you may experience some side effects. However, they are short-term and your body will adapt to them soon enough.

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October 29 2010

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October 29 2010

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October 28 2010

Obtaining an car insurance quote is less complicated than ever with on-line comparison sites and thousands of corporations competing for your business. As a consumer, your main goal is to receive the best insurance for the most affordable premium possible. This will be generally a frustrating process for several individuals due to the sheer quantity of corporations competing for your business. There are commercials and websites that bombard you with the “fact” that they will offer you with the most affordable automobile insurance around or that they can compare their prices to alternative insurance firms prices, but the truth is that you would possibly have to do a little legwork to get the most effective deal.

Many websites cater to comparing auto insurance quotes, promising that the competition among insurance agencies will garner you the simplest deal. Whereas these comparison websites supply a great starting place for locating the best auto insurance quote, they can’t be trusted to deliver you absolutely the best worth out there to you. There are a variety of local insurance agencies, smaller than the head honchos, who do not compete on those comparison websites, but they will be able to offer you a better quote. It is necessary that you simply explore all your choices, because every company uses completely different factors to qualify you for insurance. Some corporations can give you a discount if you’ve got a good credit score and others will supply you a discount if you’re a full time student.

Alternative factors to contemplate when looking for the simplest auto insurance quote is that the coverage you would like compared to the coverage they are quoting you. Insurance agencies can ask you a series of queries they use so as to qualify you for insurance. Not everybody is going to qualify for every type of insurance and discount. Depending on your age and driving record, some agencies might not insure you at all. Of course, there are discount automobile insurance agencies for people with bad driving records or money difficulties. These specific agencies will not serve the best quote to those with good driving records.

Research all of your choices when searching for an auto insurance quote. Keep a spreadsheet of the companies you have contacted, what their policies include, and how much they quoted you. This is often the most effective means to seek out the best policy for you, as it can help you keep the information straight and allow you to compare the quotes vs. policies yourself. Another tip would be to read customer reviews on any insurance corporations you are considering in addition to asking friends and family about their experiences with particular companies. Customer service and the way they respond to you wants is just as important as the quote they supply you.

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October 27 2010

Let’s focus on an easy way to avoid your break-up. I am aware you may well be worrying right now that certainly, there is not an easy way to solve my own dilemma, however you could not be more wrong.

Amazingly, you will learn how to avoid a break up whether or not the very reason it all fell out has been caused by a problem you’re to blame for.

The important thing requires you to discover ways to express how you feel in the correct way, without the presence of desperation and dramatic behavior, which generally is the entire method that many individuals take.

Just how do you make it happen? Well, you will need a strategy. You can’t expect you’ll take action to correct a dilemma as major as a separation by just take shots from the hip.

It might just accomplish the task at the start, yet unfortunately chances are you did not create a ideal base to be able to succeed with. With out using ideal base, one could wind up right within the very same place you are in presently rather fast.

In an effort to get a proper foundation, it’s important to pinpoint what the problem is from the other person’s perception. This task sounds somewhat uncomplicated, but many folks mess this process up. I know I did.

If you are unsure what exactly the problem is, you will not know how to repair it. In the event the situation isn’t fixed, you may not manage to prevent the breakup, and you’ll be in search of tips regarding split up recovery.

The easy strategy, completely comprehend the problem from your partners perception, after which you can talk about the issue together with an approach to remedy it. You will be letting them realise you are aware of where they are coming from and you have got a resolution to the situation.

Be sure in this discussion, you let that person know how very important they unquestionably are to you in a very genuine fashion, and that no matter it requires to correct the problem is certainly what you’re ready to do.

Any logical individual certainly will be able to respect this selfless approach. That exhibits a large amount of dedication to making a relationship work and displays your own capacity to reason.

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October 27 2010

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