4 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Saving Goals

23 March, 2017


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 - by Kate Watson

Late week in this series we discussedwhy you need to save money, if you missed this post you can view ithere. In this post I will discuss the main reasons why you are not achieving your savings.

Goals! goals! We all love to talk or to image things that we wish to achieve in life. But how many goals have you setfor yourself and achieve good results? Be honest with yourself.

Setting saving goals and achieving them are two different things. Yes you might have set your saving goals but are you archiving  them? Achieving saving goals be a challenge to most people.

1.  You only live for today.

If you are a kind of person who likes to spend money uselessly then saving money is not for you.  To achieve your saving goals you need to change your habits on spending  by spending wisely. See my free downloadble spending templateswhich might be a great help to you. Clickhereto get them

2.  You have an easy access saving account.

Why would you want to access your money easily when you are saving? Keep it looked away, put your money where you don’t have easy access  so that you resist temptations. Ouch! I know this might sound painful but this will help you. By opening  a notice account saving money will become much easier.

3. You have not set up an automatic payment for  your savings

Saving money need to be automatic, set you a direct debit or standing order to your saving account will help you not to make ant excuses for not saving for that month.Remember to treat your savings just like any other bill  that you have to pay each and every month.

4.You have to much debts

How can you save when your money is being taken by interest in debts? Make necessary cuts on your spending and pay your debts . When you do this saving will become easy and more enjoyable.

Series to be continue next week

What are other reasons that make  achieving  saving goals  seam impossible? Leave in the comments.

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