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11 October, 2013

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to get visitors for 5 cents in pay per click search engines when most
people are paying 57 cents

Pay per click search engines are a great way to
generate traffic. The problem is that most of the good keywords cost 50
cents or more. Here’s how you can get traffic for much less

This page is divided into two sections:

1. How to get clicks for 5 cents with Google
pay per click.
2. How to get clicks for 5 cents with Overture pay per click.

If you want to get the maximum number of visitors, then
you should implement all three strategies.

This page assumes that you understand the basics of how
pay-per-click advertising works, and that you understand how Google and
Overture work. If you need more information on the basics go
to this page on pay per click search engines.

How to get 5 cent visitors from Google

Ok, so let’s start with Google. Remember that the system
for Google is totally different to Overture. We are dealing with Overture
and Google on this page because they are the ones that are going to drive
the majority of traffic for you. It is actually much easier to get clicks
for 5 cents or even lower at other pay per click search engines, but it is
difficult to get very many clicks. For more information on the other pay
per click search engines click here.

So basically the secret for Google is to do proper
research for your keywords and find every combination of keywords that you
can think of. For more
information on keyword research click here.

Let’s say for example that you have a site that sells
wine. At the time of writing, the minimum bid on Google for “wine
shop” is 57 cents and the minimum bid for “buy wine” is 35
cents. And that’s just the minimum which will likely put you at the bottom
of the list of 8 advertisements and get you very few clicks.

Instead, have a look at these combinations of keywords:

wine sales
wine stores
wine sale
purchase wine
discount wine
wine price
wine cheap
wine shops
order wine
wine on line
wine prices
wine club
wine cheapest

All of the above keyword combinations are available for
five cents. (Although they might not last long at that price if some wine
sites are reading this article!)

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, there are some
keywords or keyword combinations that other people have missed. I have
even managed to get clicks for web hosting traffic at 5 cents per click,
which is probably the most difficult area to get web traffic for.

The secret is in coming up with lots of keywords and
combinations of keywords. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Try the pleural versions of the keyword.

  • Try different verb forms – make, making etc.

  • Try combining two keywords into one word without
    spaces, for example instead of buy car try buycar

  • Use misspelt words

Getting clicks for 5 cents on Overture

With Overture you need a slightly different system of getting the low
cost per click keywords. Basically for Overture you can only use keyword
phrases that appear in the search
suggestion tool. (Click on the link Search Suggestion Tool).

For example if you have a site on Bonsai trees, when you put in the
word Bonsai into the search suggestion tool, it give you the following

42453 bonsai
13770 bonsai tree
2823 bonsai kitten
2169 bonsai plant
1356 bonsai care

and so on …

To get clicks for 5 cents, make sure that you bid for every phrase that
applies to your site. That probably won’t get you in the top 3 listings
which is the best pace to be. However, even if the top bid is 60 cents,
and you are listed as number 35 you will still get some clicks just from
the Overture search engine itself. And for keyword phrases that are right
down the list, you will often be able to get a number 1, 2 or 3 listing
for 5 cents.


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