5 Ways to Stop Burning a Hole in Your Wallet

10 March, 2017

People are worried about their economic futures, so they aren’t spending money like they have in the past. This leads some to worry that consumers will stay away from the stores this holiday season. Even though people are being very careful where they spend their dollars, it’s not necessary that they keep from celebrating the holidays like they always have. They can even take a trip during the holiday season if they make a point of looking for the best deals that keep the savings in the wallet.

1. Make Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts don’t have to be the most expensive, store-bought merchandise. People can make their gifts in two different ways. The first is to visit an arts and crafts store where people can find everything they need to make their own holiday decorations. They can also visit websites where they can create a product from a picture they have painted or from a photograph they have taken. For example, a great gift for grandma might be a mug with the grandkids’ picture on it. This would be a very affordable present and would mean a lot more than something impersonal that can be bought in the stores for hundreds of dollars.

2. Use Coupons

Coupons can be used throughout the year, but they are even more useful during the holidays when people are entertaining more often. The grocery stores will also need to compete with each other and they offer sales on the food people typically purchase for their celebrations. Combining coupons with grocery store sales can mean people can keep a large portion of their food budget in the wallet.

3. Seek Deals

The furniture may be a little worn out or the carpet may need to be replaced, and this may mean that people are too embarrassed to entertain at their homes. If the living room needs a new couch, the Internet is the place to go. People can find websites that sell furniture at discounted prices, or they can discover the furniture stores in their local areas that will have the best prices.

4. Set Your Own Prices

The Internet can offer people great opportunities to save money on their travel expenses. On these websites, they have the chance to bid on airline travel, their hotel rooms and their rental cars. On some websites, they can save as much as 40 percent off of their airline tickets and their rental cars. They may be able to upgrade their accommodations for less than the hotel ordinarily charges.

5. Use Apps

Several different apps will help people find the best prices for their travel. Apps have been created for the iPad, iPhone and the Android that will allow people to search through the many deals hotels are having to find the best one. Facebook can also help them in this area; it has an app that helps people bid successfully on their hotel accommodations if they are taking advantage of a bidding website.

Looking for the best prices isn’t a chore, it’s actually a lot of fun. Creating their own gifts and finding the best deals makes people feel more accomplished than if they just bought something in a store. If they like to travel for the holiday, putting their own travel packages together makes them feel good about what they have achieved. Taking the time to perform these actions is enjoyable and keeps them from spending too much money.

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