54 Hottest E Business Ebooks with Free Resell Rights You Keep All the Profits 100

11 April, 2016

Free Resell Rights To Over 54
Hot Selling Ebooks!
You Keep 100% Of The Profits Of Every Sale!

Plus Free Credit Card Processing & Pre Designed
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Did You
Know That EBooks Are The #1 Selling Product Online?

Now You
Can Get Your Piece Of the Pie With Our Unique Turnkey
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Free Resell Rights to “The Ultimate
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made web page and free merchant
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Free Lifetime Updates &
Resell Rights
to all new ebooks added to this
package for-life! We GUARANTEE that we will ad at
least one or two new ebooks with resell/giveaway
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Ultimate Ebook Collection Has Been Updated
Now Over 54 ebook With Free Resale Rights

From: Mark Lee
Date: 5/07/2002

Dear Future
Internet Marketing Expert,

If you want to
learn a simple yet powerful extremely low-cost high
profit method of earning a substantial income on the
Internet. And you’d like to set it up quickly,
without spending a lot of time, effort or money

Ultimate Ebooks Collection
Free resell rights is your
ticket to finally establishing your very own
high-demand internet business. And you can have
everything set up in less than 60 minutes.

Ultimate Ebooks Collection
is a collection of
over 29 (54 ebooks as of March, 14 2001),
high-quality electronic information products. These
products can be delivered instantly to anyone on
earth with a computer from your website. This way the
cost for you to produce and deliver these information
products to your customers is ZERO.

Plus with our
royalty-free reprint licenses, you keep 100%
of the profits
of EVERY sale you make FOR

money making hint…

order to really make big profits with an internet
based business you must own your own product and
control the price of your product 100%!

products are THE #1 SELLER online today.

Even Bill
Gates, The Owner Of Microsoft and the richest man in
the world know this. All he does is created software
based information products.

That is
exactly what ebooks are, software based information
products that your customers can instantly purchase
and view right on their computer screen.

There are
several reasons why this type of business is so

1. The
Internet Is the Information Super Highway

There are
currently over 407 MILLION people with internet
access in the world as of 2001and this number is
increasing every day by tens of thousands

The main
reason people use the internet is to search and find

People crave
appeals to their basic needs and will somehow educate
them, make their life easier or enlighten them,
especially internet business owners and people who
are looking to start a business online.

And the good
news is you can profit from this, by selling them
specific detailed information the are looking for!

2. You
Can Put Your Entire Selling Process On Automatic

Combine the
power of the Internet to search for information on
any subject and new technology that allows you to
market your products, close the sale, accept credit
card or check payments and then deliver your
information products to your customers instantly and
automatically, and you have got a surefire profit

Extremely Low Cost And Time Saving Features

All you need
to run this business is your personal computer and
access to the internet. All the other cost of
operating this business have been cut out.

mailing costs.
You no longer have to mail
your product information to your prospects. They can
just visit your website!

If they decide
to buy they can just download the product directly
from your website. You save the money you would have
to pay to ship the product and it adds to your

Printing Cost.
You will never have to pay
for paper and ink printing for anything in this
business because everything is delivered
electronically over the internet.

Inventory To Stock.
You don’t have to pay to
have 100 copies of your product made just so you can
sell it. All you have do is create or get the product
in electronic format once and save it on your website
as a secret link that your customers can download
your product from only after their credit card or
check is approved!

Back-end simply means selling more
products to people who have already bought from you
in the past. This is profits is where the real
profits are. Most business that fail are the one that
don’t use back end selling.

If you can
sell your products to new customers and then sell
them more prodcts over and over again then you will
be able to generate more than a full time income from
this business by turing first time buyers into
lifetime customers.

You’ll learn
learn all about back end marketing by reading “Email
Marketing Strategies Revealed”
which is
just one of the 54 ebooks in The Ultimate Ebooks

You will also
learn how to quickly create and churn out your own
hot selling information products one after the other
by reading the ebook “Internet Cash
and you will have resale
rights to this powerful ebook also… and many more!

demand for this type of business and marketing
related information products is huge. You will have
an endless market to sell these products to.”

This market
continues to grow every day as more and more people
log on to the Internet with dreams of starting their
own business. Customers are literally waiting in
lineto discover the information found in The Ultimate
Ebooks Collection.

And they’ll
gladly pay YOU for this incredible collection because
this isn’t just a collection of outdated

The Ultimate
Ebooks Reseller Package is a complete turnkey
business offering the latest high-demand, up-to-date
business and marketing information products written
by some of the internets wealthiest marketing experts
such as…

the Father of Direct Marketing
Terry Dean… of Net-breakthroughs
Larrry Dotson…
of LD-publishing
Mike Enlow
of Inner Circle
Allen Says…
of Internet Marketing Warriors

individuals are all multi-millionaires and guess what
they sell?

That’s right,
information products that can be purchased and
instantly viewed from any computer in the world!

And now you
can do the same because when you get your Ultimate
Ebooks Collection
with free resale rights today,
you will receive…

  • A
    ready-made website with a killer sales letter
    to up load to your website( looks just like
    the on your reading now). If you don’t have a
    website, we’ll show you where to find one for
    FREE! The webpage does all
    of the selling for you. This webpage is
    copyright protected and can only be used by
    those who order The Ultimate Ebooks
  • A royalty
    free reproduction and marketing license
    authorizing you to sell The Ultimate
    Ebooks Collection
    , use the website and
    sales letter, and keep every penny of every
  • A master
    copy of the product for you to upload to your
    own website to fulfill orders from your
  • The right
    to sell an unlimited number of copies of The
    Ultimate Ebooks Collection
    for any price
    that you wish.!

to get a FREE Merchant Account In Less Than Ten
Minutes So You Can Accept Credit Cards Directly From
Your Website!

You will learn
how you can accept credit cards directly from your
website and how to instantly fulfill your customer
orders as soon as they pay…there is no set up fee
and no monthly fees. You just pay a small percentage
of each sale you make to the company when they
proccess your credit card orders.

You will learn
atleast FIVE places to get a free credit card
merchant account on the internet in less than 10

companies have excellent service and they handle
thousands of transactions for people selling
information on line every year. Even some of those
millionaire info-marketing experts mentioned above
use these credit card proccessing companies!

They even send
you a check every two weeks! I know becaue use one of
them myself and I’ll tell you they are very reliable.

It’s a fact,
if you do not accept credit cards online, then you
will miss out on a lot of sales you could be making.
So as an added bonus, we will show you how to accept
credit cards from your website without spending a
penny of your own money.

That way,
orders are completely processed without you lifting a
finger! You simply advertise your turnkey business
then sit back and watch what happens…

  • Customers
    arrive at your website and your sales letter
    (the webpage that you are now reading)
    convinces them to make the purchase.
  • They
    click on your Order link and the online
    credit card agency takes their credit card
    information and processes the order.
  • Upon
    credit card approval, the customer is sent to
    your download page to receive the product.
  • The
    credit card agency sends you out a monthly or
    twice-monthly check.

This is you
own automated, turnkey business. All you have to do
is set it up. We will show you how and it takes less
than an hour!

Also, the Information you will
learn by reading these ebooks will help you increase
your profits to the maximum level. And remember, you
will be able to sell and keep 100% of the money from
all your sales forever. Plus yopu receive Free
Lifetime Updates
to the reseller package so
you will always have new poducts to sell! This is a
real win-win deal!

Q: So, what exactly are the
information products that are available for me to
sell in The Ultimate Ebooks Reseller Package And How
Can They Help My Business Grow?

A: Just click
anywhere on this uderlined text for a complete list
and brief description of what you can expect to
receive and how to get your completely FREE resell

This next page may take a 60
seconds or so to load but it is well worth the

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