7 Trusted Google Adsense Alternatives That Will Pay You

9 March, 2014

                   As you know, 99% people start blogging to make money online. A blog is not a bed of dollars. I have no reason to consider them wrong because there is a network ( Google Adsense ) available for them to monetize their website or blog’s traffic.

                   Now-a-days, everyone knows that Google Adsense Approval is a matter of fate and your hard work for unique content and real visitors. There is also no shortage of unhappy bloggers whose Google Adsense account has been banned after blessing them with thousands of dollars for months. Every blogger has a dream to get approval in Google Adsense Program. You should not get frustrated  if you fail to get  approval or get banned by some reasons.

                  Life can be rude sometimes. Even if your Google Adsense account was banned, you should not consider it as the end of the world. In fact, it is only the beginning. You cannot always rely on one solution, diversity in income sources of your blog can help you a lot. You can try to have many income streams by adding and testing different publisher networks.This article will help you explore all most trusted Google Adsense alternatives to make money online with you blog.

Update: I keep updating the list with all the most trusted  and new Google Adsense alternatives that I use. So, bookmark this page and keep visiting this blog to learn about new blog monetization techniques.


If you don’t want to miss Google Adsense and are looking for the relatively same network to monetize your blog, Chitika is one of the top Google Adsense alternatives which can fulfil your needs. It offers CPC as product oriented and search query-driven. Ads are shown on your website relevant to your content. Following are some of the Chitika’s benefits for its publishers:

  • Free Account.
  • Your choice of ad type.
  • Low payment thresholds.
  • Yahoo and other top quality advertisers.
  • Smart ad technology and other RTB platform.

Minimum payout: $10(Paypal), $50(check)
Payment methods: Paypal, Check
Payment Terms: net 30
Sign Up URL: www.chitika.com


Clicksor is one of the contextual ad networks who provides competitive rates. It offers five ad formats to publishers which are PPC inline text links, PPC text banners, graphical banners, Pay Per View pop-under, and pay per view interstitial ads. You are allowed only 3 ad units per page if you choose it as monetization tool. It offers following benefits to its publishers:

  • Competitive rates.
  • 10% extra earnings with referral program.
  • Running ads immediately without approval process.
  • Weekly payments.
  • Over 10-year publisher network.

Minimum payout: $50, $1000(wire transfer)
Payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer
Payment Terms: net 15
Sign Up URL: www.clicksor.com


Let the adversal network manage your ad space on your beloved blog or website and you will never have to worry about your inventory going unsold again. This network has similar features as superlinks network has. You have to wait 3 to 4 days to get approved in their publisher program. It offers multiple ad formats with 100% fill rate. It also offers an affiliate program.

Minimum payout: $20
Payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer, ACH
Payment Terms: net 35
Minimum requirements: 50,000 visitors per month
Sign Up URL: adversal.com


Unlike other advertising networks, revenue hits is a performance-based ad network. It is a cost per action based advertising network which pays around $30 in eCPM. It helps you to make money blogging. It doesn’t matter what type of blog you have, this network shows ads according to the traffic brought by publishers rather than advertisers needs. It also offers referral program from which you can earn up to $100 for every referral.

Revenue hits help publishers to generate more money online with state of the art contextual and GEO targeted ad serving technology.

Minimum payment: $10
Payment methods: Wire, Paypal, Payoneer
Payment Terms: net 30
Sign Up URL: www.revenuehits.com


It is also another performance based advertising network. This platform is simple and easy to use. It offers rich media ads with 100% global coverage. Qadabra is a simple, tension free, and all in one solution that surprisingly maximizes the earning stamina of your blog.

Minimum payment: $1(paypal), $20(payoneer), $500(wire)
Payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer prepaid card, Wire Transfer
Payment Terms: net 45
Sign Up URL: www.qadabra.com

Propeller Ads:

If you are looking for automatic ad campaign optimization system by country and by blog’s content, propeller ads network should be the first priority for you. It offers convenient and in time payouts with real-time reporting and high CPM rates.

Minimum payment: $500(wire), $100(check)
Payment methods: Wire Transfer, Check
Payment Terms: net 35
Minimum requirements: 1000 views per day
Sign Up URL: propellerads.com


Here is another excellent blog monetization network. Don’t miss Adsense anymore and join super links. This network looks similar to Google Adsense by offering display ads tower ads and footer ads.

Minimum payment: $100
Payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
Payment Terms: net 30
Minimum requirements: 100,000 visitors per month
Sign Up URL: superlinks.com

These are just some of the closest and trusted google Adsense alternatives. You can cover AdSense earnings by combining two or more ad networks to monetize your blog’s traffic.

Not Recommended:

I think it is my duty to provide you all most relevant and paying Adsense alternatives. But as you can see in other blog posts, they are providing you the knowledge of Infolinks, Adbrite and Konetra as alternatives to Adsense. To be quite honest, they are not as much paying as other does. Some of my blogger friends and I have tried all these three networks but could not make some decent earnings.


Konetra has a wonderful talent for showing your site down to a crawl. And you need virtually millions of clicks to make the minimum payout.


  Adbrite 90% of the time displays ‘advertise here’. Their network of advertisers is very limited. Its CPC is not enough to buy some candies. Maybe it is good for forums.


 If you can’t live without showing all facebook ads on your blog this network is especially for you. It requires you have millions of clicks to make anything worth calling money.

Anyways do let us know what other ad networks would you list as Google AdSense alternatives and will recommend to other readers? Which one of the above you have used and which ad network worked for you the most? Share your thoughts and experiences in comments. Share this article on your social profiles to help others.

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