A Deal Is a Deal

5 October, 2017


Rosemary White

, July 6, 2010 9:03 am

I hope you and yours had a great July 4th holiday!  I was able to take last Friday off in order to really have a chance to relax.  (OK…I cleaned up my office a bit to get ready for a very busy summer.)  If you spent time with members of your family, you may find this following blurb pretty funny.  Actually, I thought it best to tell you about it until after all the family cookouts.  Kids today are really sharp and seem to learn things a lot earlier than we did.  Take DanaSoderberg, now a teacher, who sued her father to force him to pay for her senior year of college at Southern Connecticut State University. 

Seems that Dana’s parents divorced in 2004 and the husband, Howard, agreed to pay the college costs of their three kids.  Dana, intuitive in sensing her dad’s potential for sporadic payments, was somehow able to get him to sign a contract pledging to cover her college costs.  This kid should have gone to law school.  Anyway, everything was going swimmingly until she was ready to start her senior year in September of 2007.  Because her dad was a developer, his business was probably circling the drain by then, given what was going on the housing market.  Dana was able to get a $20,000 loan to continue school, although she did have to drop some classes and cut back for lack of funds.  During the trial, Howard argued that Dana hadn’t tried hard enough to get student loans and hadn’t been a full-time student.  Well, yeah.

Judge William L. Hadden, Jr. ruled in favor of Dana, and ordered Howard to pay her $47,000 for the loan, interest, attorney fees and missed car insurance payments.  I suspect he’ll find a way to pay this obligation.  Hats off to Dana Soderberg!  Until next week, here’s to good planning!

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