A Good Hawaiian Vacation Needs a Good Kauai Plan

8 April, 2015

Hawaii in general is a great place to spend your next vacation but in order to get the most out of the Aloha State’s biggest island, you need to have a good Kauai plan to ensure a successful and trouble-free trip. Your plan needs at least three points – map out details such as the ideal time to visit, the things you should bring with you and the right people to contact. Your vacation will be much smoother if you map out everything ahead and create a sound schedule.

Visiting Times Mean A Lot

Timing is everything when figuring out your Kauai plan – always plan around the tourist season. Generally, most tourists flock to the island 2 times every year from middle of June to Labor Day and from the middle of December to Easter. Visitor centers tend to crowd during Christmas and in August so you may have to book hotel reservations, car rentals, park tours and other attraction entrances earlier.

It wouldn’t be such a good idea to book immediately on the spot, because you’ll only be paying more with less time to prepare. Traffic congestion is also more common during peak seasons. It will help a lot to ask help from travel agents. They would usually talk you through a package deal and reserve it several months beforehand.

So if you are considering having a relaxing trip and spending quality time enjoying the scenery and attractions, the best time to travel is in the off season. This is the best way for you to ensure yourself of a good deal and save a lot of money – not only that, but the crowds are less and you get ample time to see what you have to see and make the reservations you have to make.

Regarding the temperature in Kauai, the average would be about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty reasonable – but expect hotter weather in the summer and colder weather in the winter. Deviations between hottest and coolest parts of the season would only range between five to six degrees Fahrenheit – not bad at all. Water temperature would be relatively the same, between 74 to 80 degrees. Expect to experience cooler temperature in the evening hours as well as in the early morning.

You should also take into consideration rainfall when figuring out your Kauai plan. From December to March, expect hard rain showers so hiking and other water activities can be affected. You can enjoy better weather in the summer. The northeast side of the island is the one most affected by rain so you might enjoy the weather more on other ends. Heavy showers however, provide the advantage of having bigger and better flowing waterfalls and healthier vegetation.

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