A Smart Way to Buy Used Cars

11 August, 2013

[I:http://incrediblemoneytips.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/OliverWestworth11.jpg]The decision to buy new or used cars is influenced mostly by budget consideration. Most people want to buy higher model vehicles or those with more features. But since brand new cars like new models 2011 with the required features are more expensive, and then second hand vehicles in good condition will be a good alternative.

Buying a second hand vehicle will be a good bargain only if you choose the right one. So knowing what and how to choose the vehicle is very important. Buying the wrong one will cause you frustration and regret and also cost you a lot of money.

There are literally hundreds of car types and models to choose from. Before you make the buying decision you should already make a decision regarding your selection criteria. Whether you want to buy an SUV or family wagon. Whether you want diesel or gas powered engine or a hybrid, and so on. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

After you find out the vehicle types or models that meet your criteria, then you can decide where to buy from. There are a lot of sources for second hand vehicles : local dealers, online dealers, classified ads, and even your friends. After the decision is made, the next thing to do is making inspection.

The most important inspection that you need to do is to check the car history. The usage history of cars is stored in a database that can be accessed using the unique VIN code. You can check information related to the vehicle such as accident records, how many previous owners, and maintenance records by entering query for the VIN code in the database.

The next inspection is to check the physical condition of the vehicle. You do not have to be a mechanic to do the physical inspection. There are check lists available online that you can download as an inspection guide. The check list includes exterior examination, engine and transmission check, suspension system, etc. Then you can decide to buy if you think that the inspection results are good or satisfactory. Otherwise you need to find other used cars on your list and do the same inspections.

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