A Wash and a Wax Are Important to Vehicles

12 June, 2013

Every vehicle needs it’s finish taken good care of and that refers to every car, the showroom luxury car, the car with high-mileage, the off-road car and the barely driven car.

With the right products a car’s interior can also benefit from it’s exterior being properly taken care of.

The most critical step in this is to have the exterior cleaned extremely well. By properly cleaning your car we mean more than a hosing down of the exterior. Regular washing removes surface grit and things like bird droppings, tree sap and salt, all of which can damage your car’s finish.

Be sure to use a cleaner designed for automotive paint finishes and not household cleaners. Dish-liquid strips the paint so be sure not to use it on the car’s finish.

When washing start from the top and make your way down, do not forget to get the extra dirt which piles on at the bottom of your car. Begin your wash with a weak sponge and move on to harder ones if they do not work. Too much pressure will damage the finish so be careful. Instead of relying on force use the proper liquids to remove certain things.

Cleaning the inside of your car is just as important to do after you have completed the outside. A clean car is a happy car, riding inside a dirty rubbish filled car is not fun for anyone so clean it out. When you have leather seats or any other material you must properly protect them by wiping them over with UV resistant polish.

An important part of the interior work is cleaning the windows, especially the windshield, with a glass cleaner. People get into accidents because of many different reasons, but one of the reasons is impaired vision and when you let grime build up on the inside of your windows your vision becomes impaired. Especially in the interior of smokers cars you will notice a thick film on the glass.

Polishing a car is the next step after washing it and it helps to protect the finish. They help to preserve the finish and wither polish or wax will help it maintain a glossy look. Always work in the shade and apply the product to one small area at a time, wiping it off after it starts to haze. Don’t allow it to dry completely or it could damage your paint.

You can also brighten your tires with products designed to clean and protect wheels, and sprays that restore the black luster to your tires.

So you have thought all of the things that we just mentioned over and decided that you cannot do it because it is too hard, do not worry. There are professional car detailers that can do all of these things for you at an affordable price.

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