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22 November, 2014

The education of a profession.Steps to Real Estate Investing Success     Visions I have for myself are simplified in my own petite mission statement here:   [A bigger net worth;  A bright future;   No buts.  No bottlenecks. ]

     My target employer to which I aspire to become part of is CME-Group, Inc. an iconic company that laid the trail in the 1800’s for the futures market and now has the largest clearing house globally for market trading.  Therefore, it is investment management and working capital management that my future is concerned about, in that I become a shining star in both to optimize my highest and best use to the universe I am a member of.

     Growing up in sports there was a philosophy once shared with me in the weight-room, which was:  Master a weakness and make it a strength.  Which outside the world of blue ribbons sounds absurd but to the athlete it makes sense to attack the least loved or least developed aspect of your all-round condition and place it first on the order of focus to be dealt with as a priority of sorts by merely changing the order in which we put our attention on things that all will own our attention at some point anyway.  Why settle with wonderful everything, but sorry looking abs?  Work the abs first in every workout from now on.  That will keep an  all-round fantastic person – fantastic physically – no buts, no bottlenecks to owning what you aspire owning.

      My name is Cheryl A. Miller Eld.  I currently reside in Boise Idaho, but enjoy other venues that I would prefer to call home at times, such as Atlanta, GA, Atlantic City, NJ, Buffalo, NY and Red Lodge, Montana, Virginia Beach and a real favorite, Seattle, WA.

     My audacious travel life comes from being a military family two generations in depth with supply-chain management and logistics occupational specialties, both my father as a USMC Non-Commissioned Officer, and me as a US Army Commissioned Officer.

     I have enjoyed studying with I.T.T. Tech, College of Western Idaho, US Army Quartermaster School, Pioneer Real Estate School, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Boise State University in Accounting.  I have worked in finance and accounting since graduating from Boise State University.  At least 50% of that time in finance and accounting has been as owner of the companies associated with and managing the operations of.  An entreprenuer in mortgage finance, real estate consulting plus publishing, financial planning, and tax prep/financial reporting services.  I write for my own websites and blogs which have to do with real estate in all aspects of real estate the common public would consider interesting.  I hobby in digital advertising production and content development for web design I create for the practice of it and intrigue with it type reasons,,,,,,which sound as though I should label them a  web development craze and just a hobby,   but I feel it does help me to define who I am and where I’ve been which gives rise to writing about it for all to see.

       Northcentral University is my opportunity and my hope for the largest thing I’ve done for myself.  I have concerns only on one course within my degree plan of an MBA which is statistics.  I love math, but rusty at this age may show itself.  However, I can always start early on some math review and conquer the bottleneck before the battle, keeping my success probability much healthier.  I think the resources at NCU will sustain the best production of scholarly work that I can deliver upon.  I feel the course mentor has an outstanding background that will be generously visible as we look to her perspectives for clarity and clues to analyze.  I am very excited for what’s in-store for us from this MBA program.   

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