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17 January, 2012


In fact, its origins are linked aligned fame and wealth as it was uncovered by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in 1950 as they were searching for a classified and elite spot to loosen up The land is not adequate for plantations, so the island never underwent the typical colonial progression of the rest of the Caribbean.

In the high season, the adorable small harbour that invites you to Saint Barths when you arrive by boat, it’s jam-packed with the most magnificent yachts you can visualize This application of prosperity has altered the island´s gastronomy in one of its major appeal since the unsurpassed chefs of the world have landed here.

Without doubt one of the best beaches in Saint Barths is Grande Saline, which is not only stunning but also a nude beach which is well worth visiting no matter how keen on nudism you may be.


Eleuthera is a Greek phrase which means “freedom”, and it was in hunt of religious freedom that, in 1648, the island was accidentally colonized by a group of puritans who had come from the Bermuda beaches.

It was in Eleuthera where these adventurers found a calm and quiet joy surrounded by a wonderful view thanks to some of the most fabulous Caribbean beaches that Eleuthera has.

In Eleuthera, you can come across the oldest and best kept small villages in Bahamas. Pastel coloured houses, typical of Bahamas beaches, remain in ideal condition on this island which is never wider than 3.5 Kms. As well as resplendent white sand beaches, there are also pink sand beaches with exceptional places for diving, like Blue Hole, Devil´s Back Bone or the most infamous Current Cut. Eleuthera is unquestionably one of the best beaches on the earth to practice diving.

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