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22 June, 2017

Jesse Grant asked:

Kick Up Your Advertising Revenue

So you wanna make the most out of your ad revenues using programs such as Google AdSense bidvertiser, pepperjam network etc . Having these ads on your website can drive you extra profits when users click on the ads, the key here is getting the visitors to click on your ads. There are many simple ways to make the visitor more likely to click on your ads without enticing them with text above saying click on the ad … lol .. which is illegal and will get you kicked out of your ad rev company. Some simple solutions would be

* make your ads blend in with your site, you can customize your ads exact colour, which makes visitors think its not an ad.

* Strategically place your ads throughout your webpages near headlines, Menus, sub menus, you basically want to have ads strategically placed on your site near high click traffic areas, this will give you a better click
through rate.

*Make sure when you sign up you select the proper category for your site or niche, you want to have relevant ads rotating on your site, you do not want cow ads on a site about cats

* Make sure your website has lots of webpages/subdomains that your visitors can browse through and will be more likely to click on one of your strategically placed ads throughout your site.

* Make sure all your webpages are the same as your homepage, studies show a visitor will stay on your site longer when they are browsing through your site and the pages are the same leaving them feeling like they haven’t left the site.

*Content is King, make sure your site has great content and regularly updated content. Content is truly king when it comes to driving advertising revenues

With this all said I hope this brings you some other ideas of how to boost your advertising revenues

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