Adsense for Beginners Ad Format and Color

27 February, 2014

Google AdSense-Ad Format
and Color


When you log in into your Google
Adsense account, you will be asked to choose the format and
color for your ads. You can use different formats and colors on
different pages so one selection does not lock you in. You can
also view all the different AdSense ad formats here. Which
format to choose? There is no one right answer. You will
have to experiment and choose  formats and colors that
works best for your site. Here are some

Choose a format that is
unobtrusive and that blends with the
design/layout of your website.
Your AdSense ads
should blend in to your site and complement it, and
not interrupt the user experience. For example a banner
ad placed between two paragraphs will impede the flow of
your content. A small rectangle or half banner,
however, can easily be placed anywhere on a page and not
interrupt the flow of information. Another popular
placement strategy is to place ads along the edges of the
page, so they don’t interfere with your main content. The
links under #2 below, also illustrate ad placement

 Certain formats do work better
than others
.  Its easier to read the
wider format ads, and
this is one of the reasons that they are believed to
perform better than long narrow ads. Also, people have
developed “banner blindness” so a banner format is less
favored.  Google in fact reports that :
The formats we’ve found to be the
most effective are the
336×280 large
, the300×250 inline
, and the160×600 wide

Color is an
important element of your Google AdSense
There are two
schools of
thought here. One believes that the ads
should blend in with your content, while another feels
they should stand out. Both strategies can work. I
personally prefer ads that blend in more with my content
as I feel they are less obtrusive and distracting.
Because they blend in, they are also more likely to be
clicked on.

How do you make ads
“blend” in with your web page?
First, remove all borders
around the ad box. Then change the background color of
the at box to match the color of your web page. Lastly
choose colors for the text and links in the ad that match
the color scheme of your web page. Many suggest using
a’standard’ blue for the web url, or a lighter grey
shade, if your text is black. This page on my web site,
how to care for orchids, illustrates some of
these points. TheGoogle AdSense team also offers useful
advice on ad formats and

Again, experiment and see
what works best for you. Adsense provide several color
schemes that you can use or you can easily customize and
save your own. I usually save a couple of schemes of
my own and try these out on different pages. I also visit
my web page and try to assess objectively which look
better and which I would be more likely to click on.
Remember, do NOT click on your own ads even just to test
them out — Google frowns a very heavily on this practice
even if your intentions are innocent.

TIP!You can set up AdSense so that it will
randomly choose from several pre-selected color themes!
This will keep your website looking fresh and a
littledifferent to repeat visitors.

Now that you’ve thought
about the format and color, where will you place your ads?

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