Adsense for Beginners Ad Placement

4 June, 2016

 Identify ‘hotspots’ on your page
that earn you the most money
. There are certain
hotspots where ad placement results in a greater click
through rate and will earn more money than the same ad
placed elsewhere on the page. Google has in fact
generated a ‘heat map’ that shows such hotspots.
The darkest(orange) areas on the heat map are the best
performers while the lighter (yellow) areas  perform
more poorly.  It is no mistake that most sites
with AdSense place their ads above the fold, so they can be
seen in the browser window without having to scroll down.
Experiment with ad placement to see what works best for you.
There is nothing to stop you from moving your ads around the
page to see what works best. However, be sure you leave
the ad in a particular spot for about two to three weeks
before you move it somewhere else. Leave your ad inthis
new spot for the same period of time. All else being equal,
it should be apparent whether changing ad placement also
changed your revenue. 

You can also place a couple of different
ads on the page to be sure you coverall the
hotspots, but keep two things in mind:
i)Google limits the number of ad units
you can place on any one page and ii) too many ads can
overpower your site and may in fact reduce the
effectiveness of those ads.

“Remember, more ads or ad units on a page
are not necessarily better. Carefully choosing the ad
formats to use, and placing these strategically on your
web page will probably be far more effective in enhancing
revenue and not turning off visitors.”

Ultimately, you want a site that
is optimized for your readers, not just
to maximize ad real estate. We’ve all seen
those sites, or ‘link farms’,  that have more ads
than content, and poor content at
that. There are enough ‘junk’ sites littering
the information superhighway-don’t let yours be one of

Areyour ads up? Now learn
howto track your
Google AdSense revenue! 

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