Adsense for Beginners Choosing Your Domain Name

30 May, 2016

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Choosing Your Domain Name

You must have your own domain name if you are
serious about  making money from AdSense. Free
websites are not looked upon as favorably as there is
little incentive for them to be maintained and they
are less professsional . Which of the two hypothetical websites
are you more likely to visit, and take seriously?




You will need visitors to visit your
website if you want to make money from your ads. Fewer
visitors mean fewr clicks on ads. Fewer clicks means less
revenue. Its that simple.

Rule#4: Register your own
domain name
and make it something
relevant to your subject. For example,
if your site is on roof repair you could try:
roofingideas.com or
www.fixyourownroof.com, not
or www.hayward2.com
or, well…you get the idea.(Note: these
are JUST examples..I have no idea whether these sites are
already registered or not,and
s not the point here).

There seems to be a consensus that the
best domain names are single words. Well, most of the
single word domain names are gone, so unless you can
inventor buy one, chances are you’ll be looking
for names like quickrooftips.com or fix-your-own
roof.com.  Some registrants will hyphenate their
domain names, for example  quick-roof-tips.com.
While these may be easier to read, people may
have  a harder time remembering them or typing them
in correctly. Here are some tips on choosing a good domain
 if you really want to get in
depth on this. You can agonize over this for hours if you
want, but its not necessary…

 Registering  a domain name has
become both cheap and easy. There are literally hundreds
of online businesses where you can search if a domain
name is taken, and if not, register it immediately for
less than $10 a year. Most online registrars will also be
able to host your website for you, for as little as
$4/month. I like to use GoDaddy.Com as they offer a range
of products and excellent pricing. They also host my
websites and my websites have never been down.

Now find out if you’re ready to apply forthe AdSense

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