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8 January, 2017

Money Online-an easy opportunity with


Choosing your

The one thing you’ll need of course, is
your own website. If
you do not know the basics of creating a website, or
do not understand how to copy or paste some basic html,
do not fear-there are many excellent programs that can build a
website for you, though you’ll have to do a little
extra work on your own. 
ack to your website. Follow the few
simple rules here and you’ll be on the right

Rule #1: Make sure your
site is on a subject you enjoy writing about and know something

It may be on a hobby or area of business
expertise,  Perhaps your website is on how to
mend a leaky roof, your trip to Patagonia,investing in
art deco figurines, or a compilation of your
original low-fat recipes. Now,
 I’m not
taking about a one page website thrown up on the web, but a
minimum 10 page site is a good place to start. Each page
should probably be about 300-500 words on average to be on
the safe side including captions, figures etc. Your content
should be original. It is fine to conduct your own research
on the web for inspiration, and write your content based on
this, but do not copy anyone else’s material! Also do not
take anyone else’s copy, change a few words here and there,
and call it your own. Copyright violations are usually taken
very seriously and furthermore, if your site is believed to
be a copy of materials already published elsewhere on the
web, you may be dropped from the AdSense program. But if
your website is something you’re passionate about, you
shouldn’t have to worry about coming up with good content on
your own, and you should be able to churn out 10 pages in a
couple of weeks.

There is a
widespread practice of using free articles to build a
website. Again, if your website is based largely on
materials that have already been published elsewhere, your
site may not rank as highly in the search engines or be
accepted into the Google AdSense program. It is fine to use
free articles, but do so sparingly and only when you feel it
will complement existing content on your

Rule #2: Make sure your
website is on something that other people are interested
in as well.

If you site is on some esoteric subject
on which you are the sole expert, and for which virtually
no market exists, such as ‘Prison Ruins of Ancient
Mesopotamia’ or ‘Molecular Biology of Parasitic Snails,’
you may as well stop here and broaden your interests. Go
on, google these two examples and see how many sponsored
links show up. (This is another good way of testing how
relevant your website topic is-the more sponsored links
there are for your website topic, the more likely it is
to be a suitable candidate for AdSense). Now I have
nothing against ancient prison ruins or parasitic snails,
but if you wish to monetize your website through AdSense,
there needs to be a real market for the information you
are presenting. Sometimes you will hit the jackpot by
finding a ‘niche’ interest that no one has yet filled in
the web ecosystem.

Many of the things people are most
interested are illegal, or frowned upon. Google has made
its own list of topics it deems objectionable which are
not eligible for the AdSense Program(some of these are
listed below). You cannot display AdSense ads on such


Google does NOT accept websites
into AdSense that include:
Excessive profanity
Violence, racial intolerance,
or advocate against any
individual, group, or
Hacking/cracking content
Illicit drugs and drug
Pornography, adult, or mature
Gambling or casino-related
Sales or promotion of certain
weapons, such as firearms,
ammunition and brass knuckles ;
beer or hard alcohol ; tobacco
or tobacco-related products;
prescription drugs; products
that are replicas or imitations
of designer goods

For a
full list of ineligible

 Now its time
design your
website to make money

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