Adsense for Beginners Why Give Away Google Adsense Tips

4 January, 2014

The internet works
only because people are willing to share information freely and
anyone is free to access it. OK, there exceptions, but it is
this spirit which makes the internet such a wonderful thing.
What if you had to pay, provide a passcode, or sign up for a
newsletter for every site you visited? That would surely be the
death knell of the web.

Only nine months ago I was
aGoogleAdSense newbie, and knew virtually nothing about how
AdSense works. Yet, I found tons of free information
on the web, though I often had to dig for it.
I clicked on loads of ads, read through lots of
information to get at the gems, signed up for email courses,
and evaded pop-up windows!  I have not paid a single
penny for the AdSense information presented here, but it
is based on what others have shared and what I have
learned through sheer hard work and effort. P

eople providing the information also had to put in a lot
of time and effort and we need to remember

Unfortunately, few of us have the luxury
of creating websites or blogs simply as a pastime-we all need
to earn our keep and the internet can be a good provider as
any. Giving away something is a good way to get people into
your store, whether your trade in products or ideas. It’s also
a way to give something back to that mysterious universe we
call cyberspace. I like to think that in giving something away
you keep the market going, and you get something back; be it
goodwill, karma, or even revenue through Google AdSense or
affiliate clicks! I won’t hide that this site is itself
something of an experiment using AdSense. As I go about my
merry way on the internet, I click on ads, follow links,
bookmark pages, and buy products. When you have millions of
people clicking away, you create a whole new marketplace whose
currency, is addition to cash, is information, ideas, and
innovation. This market is open 24 hours and never closes. But
remember, you have to put something in, to get something out of
it. And what you put in needs to be of good

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