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13 May, 2017

Working With

This section assumes that you have been
accepted into the Google AdSense Program. If not, go back
and read our Getting
Started with AdSense section first. Here, I will
discuss how to work with AdSense to get the most revenue
from your site. I will not walk you through all the steps
required to select/copy/paste ads on your website-those
are covered very well on the Google AdSense website, and
their new wizards make it easy. There are also many
website that cover this topic. You best guide is to
browse the Google Adsense member website and to visit
Google AdSense support for answers to
many of your questions.

What we will discuss
here are some of the conceptual and strategic issues
regarding ad size, color, placement etc. that can make a
big difference between earning just a little bit of money
from your website, or a lot. I’ve found this to be true
myself and sometimes a few small, seemingly insignificant
changes, can have an enormous impact. There is no ‘behind
the scenes’ magic here. Google AdSense, like all
advertising taps into the human psyche, our desires,
colors and shapes we find most pleasing, and our need for
answers. There is no exact science to this, which is what
makes it an interesting experiment in pyschology and

Some of
the topics discussed (or to be discussed in the future)

-What color scheme should I use for my

-Should my
ads blend in or stand out?

-How do I choose the size of the

-Where on the page should I place

– How may ads should I place on my

As we discuss each topic, we’ll share
important concepts and tips about how to maximize your
money revenue online. There is no magic bullet-you will
have to experiment to figure out what works best for your
website. Google also provides some sophisticated tools to
help you with this. They’ve also shared which ad formats
work best, as you’ll find out Again, the goal here is to
provide the basics on making money with

Once you’ve got the basic information
under your belt, there are plenty of other sites that
delve more deeply into strategy, search engine
optimization, and other tips to bring more traffic to
your website. You can also learn a lot by visiting other
AdSense supported sites that you like and studying their
ad placement and formats.

Click hereto
learn about Google AdSense color and ad

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