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1 October, 2013

Arjun Collier asked:

Google is one of the Internet technologies that search for website contents at the same time serving advertisements for other companies. Enrollment of companies wanting to put their advertisements in Google is done through AdWords while Google places these advertisements in AdSense. It has become a popular mechanism of relaying advertisements on a website considering that the ads are not that intrusive as compared to banners and the advertisements are often related to the content of the website.

How It Works

Google is running the application that runs these advertisements. To enable to run the program and allow website owners to enable text, graphics, and video advertisements on their website, they are required to enroll through Google who administers these websites. Revenue for Google is either generated on a per-click or a per-impression basis. There are websites who use this ad serving application to monetize their content. Basically that is what Google wants. And for many small websites on the Internet, those that do not have the resources to develop their own sales program and sales people, they use AdSense to gain advertising revenue.

Maximizing Web Content

Some web programmers create their own website and make a significant effort of maximizing the web content, and their AdSense income as well. They do this by following these tips:

The use of varied of traffic-generation techniques that will include but will not be limited to online advertisements.

The use of some text contents on the website that will encourage the visitors to click on any of the advertisements through phrases like “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Link”. There are some prohibitions though because Google prohibits the use of phrases such as this “click on my AdSense ad” just to increase the per click rate of the website.

Building valuable text content on the website that will lure visitors into the advertisement. Google assesses a higher rate when these advertisements are clicked.

Greater Income

If you want to get into a business that will truly earn, then get into AdSense for Google. You could get paid by making a website and displaying advertisements that will encourage visitors to click the ads. The rate that Google pays for every click may vary. But what you need to do is just create more websites and see how your income multiplies. You don’t need to sell anything here or target different markets. Just develop more websites and experience passive income at its best.

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