Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil Over Traditional Motor Oil

13 October, 2014

Synthetic motor oil was originally developed for racing engines as a lubrication substitute. In recent years, synthetic motor oil has turned to become a popular option for mechanics and car owners. Similar to conventional oil in more ways than one, synthetic oil can be used as a substitute in a lot of applications. However, using synthetic oil has its advantages, making it a better choice in certain situations.

Synthetic oil lasts longer

A major difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil is lifespan. Given any engine type and extreme driving conditions, synthetic lasts longer than conventional oil, requiring less frequent change intervals. One of the first to come up with synthetic oil for cars, Mobil suggested oil change should be done at approximately 25,000 miles. This figure was revised soon enough, but a regular change at 7,500 miles is far greater than 3,000 for conventional oil|This number was revised shortly, but the usual oil change at 7,500 miles is a far cry to conventional oil at 3,000 miles. This is possible because synthetic oil decomposes and evaporates a lot slower in the long run. Synthetic oil will gradually get contaminated and will need to get changed even if your car instruments are telling you otherwise.

Chemical Composition

Synthetic oil composition is far superior to that of traditional oil.Produced in controlled conditions rather than a natural process, synthetic oil does not have the impurities conventional has in large volumes. Substances like sulfur and phosphorous are main causes of engine wear. They also damage other vehicle parts like the catalytic converter and other components of your vehicles exhaust system. By being more chemically stable in any conditions and having less undesirable additives, synthetic oil causes minimal problems.

Environmental Factor

Motor oil, like any other oil product, is a major environmental concern. The price of motor oil directly impacted by any increase on the price of crude oil, plus the fact that it’s non-renewable makes it almost impossible to see it drop. The unwavering demand for oil means more drillings that hurt the environment. Synthetic oil is the exact opposite, making a better alternative as advocated by environmental groups.

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