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11 November, 2015

Robert E. Goyette asked:

Are your Google Adwords click through rates where you want them to be? Do you think you could improve on them? Are you constantly testing your most profitable campaigns?

Below are five techniques I’ve used to improve the click through rate, quality of my visitors, or both. Of course, you’ll want to test these, and I make no guarantees, but here are five ideas that have worked for me.

The first tip I can offer is to get a domain name that ends in .us, or whatever country you are selling to. I was the number 2 affiliate in the world for a well known company by purchasing their domain name and using the .us suffix. My ad text then said to click my ad for order in the United States. Now, realize that you may have to or want to modify this strategy, but the bottom line is that I used the suffix in the URL to imply that people who might even consider ordering (qualifying the clicks) should click my ad. Of course I only ran that ad in the US and Canada. Perhaps I should have purchased a .ca address as well. But the .us alone was enough to make me some nice money and get a signed book and other prizes from the “guru” behind the company.

The second idea I borrowed from the “Got Milk?” campaign. I was promoting a natural health supplement that has been known to help people with all sorts of conditions. The headline of my ad was “Got Headaches?” or whatever keyword ailment I was focusing on. The ad worked beautifully and I quickly got this company’s attention from all the sales I generated in the first few days. Perhaps you can identify your prospects’ pain and ask them if they have pain in your headline.

The third idea has been popularized in several Adwords courses, but if you haven’t tested it, you certainly should. That idea is to put the keyword as the subdomain of your URL. If you are selling John Grisham books and your url is books.us, then send your visitors to: JohnGrisham.books.us. Try capitalizing the first letter of each important keyword and leaving everything else in lowercase.

My fourth idea was conceived of and proven successful by a partner of mine. He and I sold over $100,000 in products for a well known catalog company. The secret phrase that got all the clicks was “Complete Online Catalog”. What happened is that this company would send a catalog to its customers and they would then go online to order. They would type in the name of the company, or whatever appropriate keywords we identified, and of course the company’s ad would come up, but so would ours, and ours promised an online catalog that they could use to enter their order. Sneaky, but very effective.

The fifth and final idea is to use negative qualifiers in your ads. Maybe you are getting a lot of clicks, but very few are buying. Consider putting something in the ad that will keep out the lookers and encourage only the serious buyers. I was the number 2 affiliate in the world for another well known company and the way I made sure my ads were profitable is that I put the price of the product in the ad. I probably didn’t sell as many products as I could, but my negative qualifier kept me from paying for too many unprofitable clicks.

The above techniques are ones I personally use to make money with Google Adwords. I hope they have been helpful to you.

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