Aes Loan Servicing and Important Facts to Keep in Mind

5 August, 2017

AES (American Education Services) is a loan servicing institution that offers high-quality student loans servicing opportunities for students in order to help them repay loans effortlessly.

What AES Can Offer For You?

AES helps borrowers to handle their education loans using built-in interface system. In order to to have a chance to use all options provided by the AES, you need to open an account and only after this step you will be able to log in with the password and user name and use it. So how it works for AES clients?. There are several options available for registered clients including: account management, repaying a loan, options to postpone payments and additional instruments.

The number one function is ability to administer your whole account. It’s helpful function since it’s not complicated. To provide an example, a client when he logs in can see the overview of an account, make payments, read important alerts. Student and parent borrowers could also view more detailed info, view rates of interest and check total loan balance.

One more very helpful feature to think about is an opportunity to pay off your loan. There are 3 ways to do it: direct debit, online payments and payments by check. Each of 3 methods is fantastic. But generally people favor to pay online since it is express.

There are also several repayment plans available for federal loans borrowers. There are 5 repayment plans and each one is different. Remember, you can use them only if you have federal loans. The repayment consists of other beneficial options like loan forgiveness. It makes it possible to decrease or eliminate loan debt. Nevertheless it is possible but not for all borrowers.

Another tool that can help individuals is tools and resources segment. It contains 2 most important types: glossary of financial aid terms and the newsletter. Starting from September, 2011 AES offers a newsletter for all site visitors containing information for college students and parents. The e-newsletter is available in the html format and also can be received on your email.

As a conclusion, it’s significant to make a remark that AES student loans are not loan products provided by the lender – AES Corporation. These are college loans that are serviced by AES, which means that the company assists to pay back loans and offers extra tools.

And finally, if you want to more about aes loans, please, visit our blog at: http://aescollegeloans.blog.com/.

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