All You Need to Know About Automobile Rim Sizes and What They Are Made Of

1 December, 2015

Before rims became the incredibly popular style and performance enhancing components that they are today, they were simply the hunks of metal your tires were mounted to. While there are some motorists who believe a rim is still just a utilitarian car part, there are many others who enjoy the wide range of options for sizes, styles, and materials when they are in the mood to spruce up their ride. You may not be all that concerned about the overall appearance of your vehicle either way, but it is always good to know about the various sizes and materials you have to choose from and what works for you.

To start with, the size of a rim plays a very important role in looks and performance and also has to fit onto your car. A vehicle’s handling relies heavily on the size of its tires and the amount of pressure in them, and the size of the tires also heavily relies on the overall size of the rim.

A small rim with a tall tire leaves much of the handling up to the pressurized rubber that allows a number of unstable variables to affect how well it does. On the other hand, the rim itself is solid and stable, so when you have more rim and less tire, you have more stability, which means overall superior handling for your vehicle.

There are many different sizes on the market that vary anywhere from thirteen inches for compact coupes to twenty-six inches for full size pickups and SUVs. The sizes actually range further than that, since some people like to put over-sized wheels on their vehicles for the look of it or put car-like wheels on smaller vehicles such as ATVs or golf carts. Some pick a size for the looks while others select a size for performance, but either way, size does matter.

The material may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but anyone who knows how it can affect style and performance chooses carefully. Alloy wheels are the most popular on the market today and are lighter weight for greater agility and overall performance. Anyone who wants their car to turn heads and impress any onlookers ought to throw in the extra cash for some chrome wheels; however, there will be a noticeable drop in performance. There are several other arguments that can be made regarding the importance of the sizes and materials of the rims we choose, but the most important thing is that you get something that fits your tastes, fits your car, and fits your budget.

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