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16 August, 2011

There was an article about a similar situation on the local news just the other day see link, below.

The beekeeper in that story was Betsy Roberts, and an internet search turned up a phone number for her: 922-3693

Good luck, and please don’t kill them… bees are endangered nowadays, so please don’t go spraying any poison on them, OK?

would go with a professional service. Tacit Rainbow’s suggestion below will work, however, keep in mind that if they ARE honeybees – you won’t want to destroy them – it’s much better to let a beekeeper come and collect them and incorporate them into a bee apiary, where they can be protected they will most likely die from mites in the wild. This might be the real acid test. And, his suggestion sounds great, but, do you have a bee suit to wear while you’re sucking up bees with a wet van? I don’t know about you, but I live in Brazil and we just call the firemen and they get rid of them.

Homeowners insurance covers damage to the home and other items associated with the home. This information is for Long Beach, CA and comes from the city of Long Beach’s website. Call the guys whom raise bees for honey.

Act quickly, as they are looking for a new home and will find it within a couple of days. You should be able to get a reference from there for free bee removal. In view of the shortage of honey bees he did not want to do that. Our neighbor tackled the swarm with a spray.

If they where you could not get anywhere near the tree without bee-in attacked. Call your local animal control and ask. European paper wasps can be Bee Removal Experts california encouraged to nest in nest boxes. It depends if you’re going to a salon, if you go to a salon they will book your appointment for what time suits you and then that’s it. Two links: the first has a beekeeper search engine the second, the bee removal page from my website this should be of help to you.

I found you a link that might help you find a bee keeper or someone to remove them. If these are honey bees, you can call a bee keeper and one will be glad to get the bees. Honey Bees they will collect and take them away, they are worth money to the bee keeper. They use a shop van to pull the bees out of the hive.

Do you have any other valuable livestock you want to get rid of? My advice is to keep trying. If you can’t find them online or in the phonebook, call the fire dept first choice or the police 2nd choice and ask them for the names of local beekeepers that do this. Or perhaps a governmental agency that works with agriculture. They also look just like regular honey bees. I don’t know about you, but I live in Brazil and we just call the firemen and they get rid of them.

Doesn’t your city have anything like an aspic or animal control department? The City of Long Beach Animal Care Service does not handle calls regarding bees or their removal. Honey Bee Swarms or Nests outside, not a structureIn the City of Long Beach, contact the Department of Health & Human Services at 562 570-4132Honey Bee Swarms or Nests inside or on a structureCheck your local Yellow Pages under “Pest Control” for a licensed control operator.

If you have the time, the only chemical you need is H2O. They will eventually return to the original hive that cast the swarm. A good year is determined by its spring. Wasp has no value and Bee Keepers will not collect them. They use a shop van to pull the bees out of the hive.

Are these honey bees? My advice is to keep trying. 2jpH4Nv

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