Amanah Saham One Malaysia Launch

5 March, 2016

Did you rush to queue for the Amanah Saham One Malaysia launch today? Interestingly enough, the turnout wasn’t as huge as previous launches of other Amanah Saham related funds. I remember several years back how the funds for non-bumiputras were all wiped clean nationwide in just 30 minutes! However, today, the selling of the Amanah Saham One Malaysia seemed a little more orderly. Read on for my experience below.

No Long Queues To Buy Amanah Saham One Malaysia

I decided to buy the Amanah Saham One Malaysia funds from the post office which opened at 8.30am instead of from the banks which opened at 9.15am. Before the post office opened, there were approximately 25 people ahead of me which was a pretty manageable number instead of the huge hoards I expected.

Numbers were given out and the waiting game began. When it was my turn, the clerk took my completed form and photostated identity card, checked all the details and keyed them into the system. He then printed all details into the little passbook, got me to sign on the dotted line and print my left thumbprint.

All in all, I was done in 1 hour and 15 minutes which wasn’t all that bad! However, I noticed that in typical Malaysian efficiency, only 3 out of 7 counters were open. If more had been open, all waiting applications could probably have been processed faster.

Perhaps the demand is less this time around as the fund is the biggest fund ever launched at RM10 billion. Or perhaps, investors are just a little short on cash and are a little more wary about putting so much money in funds like these.

How about you? Did you experience long queues and disappointments in purchasing your Amanah Saham One Malaysia units?

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