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20 April, 2017

How many websites about making money on the Internet have you been to in the last few days?

There seems to be a common theme with many of these sites “I make so so much money and here is my fancy car to prove it!”. On top of that, you’ll see posts like “I can’t post right now because I’m on a plane heading off to Las Vegas because I’m part of some money making club -wish you were here, and oh, this is what my airplane food looks like!”

Back to earth people!

There is a recession in out midst with some people getting a bit concerned about looking for ways to make additional income for the real basic things like car insurance, or mortgage payments or even baby diapers.

In addition, some may have been recently unemployed and now do have some extra time to explore internet money making opportunities.

If you are at this site, you may be one of them.

Some earthly advice … if your plan is to sit at home and make money, I commend you!

In addition, I also warn you.

Internet riches or getting rich quick online does not happen overnight.

I will say this throughout various parts of this websites, it takes time, effort, learning and more.

1st post to get something out there!

I am so excited about putting all this together, but time is very limited. Life at work is busy, life at home is busy and finding extra time to put this out there takes more time, caffeine and candles burning at night. Hence my post to put something out there to set up this blog/informational website. I have customized this WordPress website as a content management system (CMS) and Blog and need to do a few more things to optimize for traffic and the search engines. I hope to share thing information with you in the near future.

Why another make money on the Internet site?

Because I feel I have information to share, plus sometimes it can get redundant explaining the concepts in conversation. This way, I can send you to this site and hopefully you will have more questions.

I also want to put this post out there because I run an internet consulting business that does everything from website development to search engine marketing where I get asked various questions about “How do I make money on the Internet”, or “My wife’s friend is making money on eBay, how is she doing this?”

So this is to be a collection of my thoughts, experiences, case studies on what works, what does not and what you should simply avoid.

You see, the firm I am involved in also provides services where we assist website owners in driving more sales, more leads and more traffic to their web site. They see what works and what does not.

In the meantime, settle in, thanks for visiting, push some of the links on the top navigation menu, subscribe to our RSS feed and if so inclined, subscribe to our newsletter for new offers, tools and tips for earning an income online.

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