Are Banners Good for Generating Massive Traffic

11 November, 2013

Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba asked:

Banners are among the worst hit of advertising models. And the reason isn’t far-fetched: Click through rates have plummeted. This is all because people have a “banner-resistance” built into their subconscious.

Does that mean that you can’t build your traffic with banners? My answer…

It depends!

Although click-through rates have gone down terribly, banner ad prices have also taken a huge dive. Few people are willing to buy banners and so people are a lot more willing to give you banner space for tokens.

If you know what you’re doing you can get massive traffic by using banners. You can also use them as a supplemental source of traffic. What you can achieve depends on your creativity, understanding, the niche you are and how much dollars you have to spend. The following steps should make banners very effective…

1) Make sure your banners are very unique in design and concept. If your banners stand out, they’ll become a lot more visible. If you just do regular stuff, you’ll get regular results — And you want something better.

2) Make sure your banners are contextually relevant to the pages they are placed. This means two things: You’ll have to buy spaces only on pages that are related to your niche and you may have to adapt your banners’ message to suit each page you place it on.

3) Make sure your banner ads lead to a great content page. This means that you’ll get the opportunity of preselling those who click through. And if they page is great, you’ll get additional value from repeat visits, word of mouth referrals and unsolicited links and a place on social bookmarking sites.

Who says you can’t use banners creatively to boost your traffic?

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