Are Epoxy Floors Worth the Time and Money

26 December, 2017

Often times, when people are figuring out their home improvement plan they often look at epoxy floors and compare its cost to that of the other options rather than taking a looking at the big picture. Many people find epoxy floors appealing and eye catching but often second guess themselves when comparing the price to regular concrete paints, tiles, or simply leaving the surface “as is”. After taking a longer look at the benefits that epoxy floors can do for your home’s aesthetic appeal, protection, and long-term resale value, it definitely becomes the clear winner, offering a better return on your investment.


High traffic areas like, kitchens, pathways, and washrooms, as well as storage and areas that get beat up a lot like, workspaces, garages and basements, epoxy floors give the greatest durability and strength against household chemicals, spills, stains, scratches and any other things imaginable. Epoxy floors are very easy to maintain and clean, plus they can protect floors throughout any area from cracking, staining, and typical everyday wear and tear.

Long lasting:

Epoxy floors can last up to several decades by taking the simple steps to maintain it. Leaving you with a high quality, professional looking floor with out the need of replacements, or even touch-ups. On the other hand, tiles and regular concrete paint often has to be replaced after 10 years, plus neither offers any sort of protection to the underlying surface from water damage. Which means there will be costly repairs before having to put down a replacement floor, costing you even more money. There have been some instances where epoxy floors have lasted up to 50 years because they have been properly applied and cared for.


There are so many advancements in both the application and color options that epoxy flooring has gone through. Now there are is a huge variety of color and finishes that you can use to match your own personal style. There are epoxy floors that imitate marble, granite, and stonework, along with traditional monochromatic schemes and fleck designs. You will be surprised in what style you can make your epoxy floor now a days.

Home owners should consider cost depending on their individual circumstances, but it should not be the only thing they look at. Epoxy floors off durability, with a customizable look that will last a very long time, and even raise the value of your home. Where as concrete paint and tiles may be offer the same things at first but will eventually have to be redone, or repaired in a couple years which may actually take away from some of the value of your home. Do your homework and make the right decision for you, but just don’t look at the price side, make sure you take a look at the big picture.

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