Are You Rolling with Me yet at Walgreens

1 August, 2017

Okay everyone, there are some AMAZING offers next week at Walgreens! It’s a great place to start rolling your Wallgreens RR or to gain some RR for beginners (or to just restock your RR). Read my post

Wallgreens $4 Roll for how you can get in on some of the action this week and start stacking up those rewards for next week. This is just a PRIME example of how to get free things at Walgreens and if you start with the Wallgreens $4 Roll your initial investment is ONLY $4!!! You can’t beat that!! So here is what you can “trade” your rewards in for next week (or gain some rewards) and get nearly the exact same amount back!

As you can see there will be 6 offers that offer you the entire total price of the product back in RR. These are the perfect roll items because they really do come out free! If you do the Wallgreens $4 Roll you will end up with at least $5 – $6 in RR for these.
Take that $6 RR and get two $3 items FREE and guess what! You get $6 back! Then take that $6 and just keep rolling with it! And it all started out wtih $4!!

Keep in mind that you cannot use the same RR on the same product. Example: You buy the Brilliant Tampons on sale right now and get your $5 RR for that product (Brillant tampon will print up on your reward so you know where it came from).. you cannot go back into the store and use that $5 RR to buy more Brilliant Tampons, you have to use it on another product (in that roll it was the Arnicare). So keep that in mind. You might have to do several “seperate” transactions to roll, but in the end it is SOOOO worth it!!

*Also keep in mind that some RR items have a limit. Like the Brilliant Tampons this week. You can only do one box per transaction to get your RR. If you buy 2 boxes of Brilliant Tampons in the same transaction, you’ll only get ONE register reward! So becareful and watch those limits so you can split up transactions if you have to. Don’t worry, the cashiers are used to it and are very nice about it!
Please ask me any questions in the comment section if you need to. I know it can be confusing at first and I’m more than glad to sort things out for you! 🙂

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