Are you suffering from man boobs or male breasts Anyas

3 April, 2011

Are you suffering from “man boobs” or “male breasts”? Is excessive chest fat killing your self confidence and embarrassing you?
“EXPOSED: The EASY Method To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs That Will End Your Public Humiliation Forever!”

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m just SICK and tired over those expensive gimmicky pills and BAD rehashed advice that never works . Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show exactly how you can get a flatter, more manly chest – in weeks!

After struggling with the problem of Man Boobs for many years, it only took 3 weeks to correct! ”

One user wrote:

“Hi Cliff,

You Rock!! After years of struggling with my fatty chest, going crazily at the gym and eating like a bird, it took only 3 WEEKS to flatten my chest with your program! Rock hard chest baby!! You can crack an egg on it now, well not that I’ve tried

I know it’s really designed for guys with bigger chests than me, but hey, it worked for me.

I’ll send you more pictures in a couple of weeks!!

Thanks for this awesome program,”

This person wanted to remain anonymous

Dear Friend,

My name is Cliff Manchester and I’m going to show you how to lose your man boobs, quickly and painlessly.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was desperately trying everything under the sun to get rid of my man boobs. Diets, exercises, drugs, Q&A boards … Safe or dangerous, you name it. I’ve most likely got fooled into it.

The condition destroyed my self image whenever I was around people, especially when I had to take my shirt off. Heck, I even gave up on activities like swimming because I felt so ashamed. Summer was obviously my least favorite season.

I don’t know if you know what it’s like to have friends or family members making you the brunt of their jokes, but it tore me up inside to go through that.

What’s worse I felt that no one else but me was having this experience. It felt like a curse was on me. I could not lose the chest fat no matter what I did.

Every weight loss routine just accentuated the problem and made it worse. It was just ridiculous!
“Simply Nothing Seemed To Work!”

I found the whole experience quite frustrating because my doctor told me that I would lose the Moobs after puberty. Sadly, after 16 years, nothing had changed.

As a matter of fact, my self esteem only got worse over time…

People would give me that comment-provoking look. It was such a bummer to see how everyone else could wear whatever they wanted and go about their lives normally. I felt my masculinity was stolen from me, and my self worth was in the dumpster.

I couldn’t even stand drawing attention to myself. I hunched over as a habit. I wore sweaters even if it was a hot day at times.
“I was not laughing. It was sadly pathetic…”

In the summer of 2005 things had gotten so bad I was considering gynecomastia surgery. The quotes for this were in excess of $2500.00 and that did not include all the prescriptions and lab testing that was necessary. To make things worse, because this is considered cosmetic surgery, the insurance company I had would not even cover the costs!

Who wants to wear an uncomfortable “compression vest” for weeks of a painful recovery time anyway? Who really wants to risk ugly scars over disproportionate nipples even if the surgery was successful?

I knew these things because I even spoke to some who went through it.

Now this may seem like a slight paranoia, but if you’re anything like me, I didn’t like thinking about that kind of risk done to my body. This was serious.
“I told myself that I’d do ANYTHING in
my power to avoid this surgery.”

When I was about 18, my doctor had actually told me my “man boobs” would go away as I got older…

Unfortunately for me it wasn’t as easier as that have you had the same experience?, but it was actually good in a way… remembering his words gave me hope to find a solution to naturally get rid of man boobs. I figured, if a doctor had told me my body could get rid of man boobs naturally, there must be something I could do to make this happen for me…
“I took the glimpse of hope and ran with it…”

My man boobs hadn’t disappeared when I got older. Luckily, I had read that almost all man boob cases are caused by non-genetic factors. That alone gave me the drive to do some more research… if male boobs just disappeared in most guys like my doctor had said, I was sure something could be done for me…

I grilled countless weight loss experts and endocrinologists these guys specialize in hormones in the body and scoured the libraries and studies on guys with man boobs. People all recommended different things and I came to realize who really practiced what they preached and who didn’t.

Then, by some freak chance… I accidentally stumbled upon exactly what I needed to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together…

I found out that losing man boobs is all about balancing hormones, not just weight loss, like everyone was preaching to me at the time. You see, there are some other important hormones actually peak when you hit your twenties.
“That’s why some guys naturally lose
their man boobs without doing anything…”

The most notable breakthrough had finally come. I knew that if I could somehow balance out the hormones my body would restore itself to a natural state.

I discovered some unique techniques and even developed a few all-natural ones of my own. I made many tests and kept the techniques that worked and got rid of the ones that didn’t

Finally after more than 90 days of keeping the faith, I actually had a breakthrough and achieved what heretofore had not been possible.

Yes, my chest fat and puffy nipples was reduced to a normal range. My doctor was actually surprised because none of his recommendations had helped much before!

Surprisingly, I looked back and realized … it was not hard at all! Had I broken it down to its core, it was a piece of cake.
“As soon as I discovered why I had male boobs, getting rid of them was not so difficult”

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