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9 November, 2010

I have finally found an article spinner for Mac, a solution that I am very happy with.

The new Article Spinner from ContentProfessor has just been launched. Like many Mac users I have been searching for a good alternative to spin articles, but there has not been a lot to choose from. Until now!ContentProfessor is web-based and works in all major web browsers.

Super easy to use!

I have been spinning a couple of articles, and I love the way this tool works. You can add synonyms with a few clicks, and also add your own synonyms very easy. You just highlight the word you want to spin and a pop-up with suggested words shows up immediately. All you have to do is choose your synonyms and click ok.

There is also an alternative to spin sentences. It works the same way, you just need to change the option from phrases to sentences in the top right corner. Highlight the sentence, type in another sentence, or as many as you like and press ok. This article spinner for mac is really user friendly and easy to use.

You can export your articles to use different spinning formats

One of the first thing I noticed about the ContentProfessor is the option to export your articles to different providers of article submission. I mainly use two services for this.One is Free Traffic System, and the other is Linkjuicer. These two services use two different spin formats.

Linkjuicer use the regular spyntax format and Free Traffic System use another system.The Content Professor use the first format as it’s main format, but here is the good news: You can export your article from one format to the other with just a click of a button. You don’t need to copy and paste your document to a wordpad or text editor to use the find and replace tool to make the article suit other spinning systems.

You can use the FREE version of ContentProfessor as long as you like

ContentProfessor comes in a free version and in a PRO version. If you go for the PRO version there are some extra bonuses that comes with it, like a content library with thousands of PLR articles that you can load right into the article spinner and start working on immedeately. You can also download the PLR articles as bundles and store them on your hard drive. A good idea is to load them into your blogs as drafts. That way you will always have ideas for blog posts to write about.

The free version only let you archive one article. If you are in doubt, start with the free version and upgrade when you feel you need it.

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