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27 May, 2015

Try This CPA Network.. As Seen on PC

Here is a Great Network to try! As Seen On PC..
These come from our friends at Offer Vault. Check them out. The AsSeenOnPC Network has a proven record of increasing traffic, sales, and overall ROI. Through their exclusivity, proprietary technologies, monetization tools, and dedication to working side by side with its advertisers and publishers, the AsSeenOnPC Network is the #1 choice for all your marketing needs. With thirty years of combined experience in product sales and marketing, AsSeenOnPC.com and its partner company, Catalog Solutions, INC., offer clients an unparalleled range of marketing solutions for the DR market and are uniquely positioned to compare effectiveness across marketing channels for valued clients. Affiliates can benefit from AsSeenOnPC.com because of its wide range of exclusive “AsSeenOnTV” offers. Gift/gadget, health/beauty, and sports/fitness products are categories they have available that are proven in the affiliate marketplace. All of their brands feature high conversion rates and top dollar commissions.
Check out the following programs and make sure you get all of them on your site during the busiest 3rd and 4th quarters! To become an affiliate, please sign up here. Please check out some of AsSeenOnPC.com’s top offers in each category, including links to some of their hottest ones. Health/Beauty Luminess Air, Strap Perfect, Shadow Boxer, Cardio Cruiser, Tower 200, Dual Action Cleanse, Iron Gym, Pushup Pro, Relaxobak and more! P90X Workout – As Seen On PC & For 2009!

Huge Media Schedule Through 2010! http://www.trythep90x.com/default.asp?tcode=asp3 Payout now $30

AloeCure - Pure Health Juice on TV for Spring! http://www.buythealoecure.com/default.asp?tcode=asp3 Payout now $35

Home/Garden Monster 1200, Topsy Turvy, Grill Daddy, Swivel Sweeper, and more! Turbo Snake – Drain Hair Removal Tool http://www.trytheturbosnake.com/default.asp?tcode=asp3 Pay out now $7

Snuggie Blanket – As Seen On TV Winter Season Winner! http://snuggieblanket.com Payout now $14.00
Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream – EXCLUSIVE to AsSeenOnPC – Converts Well Year Round http://www.deadseaaloe.com/ Payout now $12.50

Misc/Kids/Toys Rocket Balloons, Traveller Hat, Slim Clip, PediPaws, and more! Your Baby Can Read http://www.yourbabycanread.com/default.aspx?adid=asp1010 Payout now $19

Bendaroos – Top 5 Kids Product For 2009! http://www.bendaroos.tv Pay out now $9.50

AsSeenOnPC.com will exhibit these and other offers at the Affiliate Summit East on August 9-11, 2009, Booth # 2000. Stop by their booth to receive free product samples. In addition, any new affiliate that signs up from this offer vault mailing (and makes at least 5 sales) will receive free samples of their product offers. Should you have any questions or concerns, Mr. Curtis Clarke, President of AsSeenOnPC.com, will answer all your calls at (203) 256-9547.

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