Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

10 May, 2014

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

If you are looking to refinance your mortgage but believe you
will be unable to because your credit may be challenged by late
payments, bankruptcy, charge off’s, or unpaid medical bills to
name a few, don’t worry, there is hope.

There are literally thousands of lenders across the United
States that specialize in all different types of mortgage
programs for people who have challenged credit.

They are not the typical banks you find down the street from
your house that deal with perfect credit only. Nor are they hard
money lenders that charge outrageous mortgage rates. They are
known as wholesale lenders.

Wholesale lenders work closely with mortgage brokers. Mortgage
brokers are the people who work with people looking for
mortgages in the way of counseling, educating, and locating a
loan for people who find themselves in a unique situation and
have trouble finding a loan on their own because their needs may
be special.

Keep in mind, wholesale lenders are out there by the thousands,
and they are very competitive. So be sure to shop around. Just
because you have bad credit, it does not mean that you should be
at the mercy of mortgage companies. There are plenty of lenders
out there who have programs to lend money to people with bad

The best place to begin your search for a bad credit mortgage
refinance would be the internet. Make an attempt to contact no
more than four lenders, allow for them to assess your situation,
than base your decision on the one that offers you the best deal
that meets your needs and budget.

About the author:

Jennifer Hershey has more than twenty years of experience in the
Mortgage Industry as a loan officer. She is the owner of
http://www.explainingmortgages.com/, a mortgage resource site
devoted to making mortgage terms and products easy to

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