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4 July, 2010

Reasons for Basement Waterproofing

Basements in the home are the most prone to flooding and other kinds of water damage. When rain accumulates and goes into the soil it will inevitably press up against the walls. Basement walls are five to eight feet underground and any crack or opening will cause the room to leak. This causes damage to the property and the belongings inside. Moisture causes mold and mildew that can cause serious health problems. To avoid all of these problems, invest in basement waterproofing for a healthy and happy home.

For many people, the purchase of their house is the single biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. Waterproofing the basement is a good way to maintain the home and ultimately maximize its profitability. Houses that are not waterproofed suffer from a weak foundation that greatly decreases the overall value.

Water damages everything it touches when it leaks into the home. Family heirlooms, photographs, and other personal belongings stored in the basement are vulnerable to damage caused by water leaking into the home. Hiring a waterproofer to help preserve these items gives homeowners peace of mind that their things are safe.

A moist or damp part of the home can cause mold to grow quickly. In just 48 hours, spores will start to develop and they will attach to just about any surface. The health risks to living in a mold infested home range from mild to severe. They include allergic reactions, sinus infections, asthma, and other physical problems. Waterproofing the basement is a surefire way to keep mold out of that part of the house.

The most effective way to prevent water damage from affecting the health of the home and the people inside is to hire basement waterproofing services. Some people may be hesitant to pay for this preventative measure, but it is well worth the initial cost over the long run. It will help homeowners avoid expensive repairs to the home and the cost of medical bills from happening in the future.

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