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10 September, 2016

As an Internet marketer, you will be always progressing, learning new things, and expanding your business. A time may come when, instead of putting all your efforts into promoting offers as an affiliate, you want to introduce your own product to affiliates through a CPA network.

If you are thinking about moving in that direction either now or down the road, here are a few tips that will get you started:

High Quality Product/Offer
The first thing you’re going to produce before you think about anything else is a high quality product to sell. Most reputable CPA networks are strict when accepting products so the one you are offering must be something new to the market and have the potential for mass appeal. It’s a good idea to read over the product guidelines to see if your product fits well into the network before you apply.

Apply For A Merhcant (Or Advertiser) Account
Once you have a product that you would like to offer, then you will need to apply as an advertiser or merchant at a CPA network so that you can stat to have affiliates promote it for you. In addition to an application, there will likely be a telephone interview as well to as you about your company and background.

Payments And Fees
You will have to have a payment system in place for your product and will also likely have to make a deposit for your advertisements in the CPA network. The amount can vary greatly depending on the network’s requirements, and the amount of your offer’s payout.

Once your offer is active in the CPA network and affiliates are promoting it, you will want to be able to track where the traffic is coming from and how well the offer is doing overall. Most reputable CPA networks will provide you with tools that track the process for you in real time (or close to real time).

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