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28 September, 2013

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I received an email from Andy Jenkins a little while ago (why do I stay up so late reading my emails? (   ) and I just had to read the blog post. It’s something I fully believe everybody should be doing; not necessarily in internet marketing and consulting for small businesses, but that everybody should have a second stream of income to supplement their day job and make their lives better. So I read the article and had to post a reply, which I felt was sooo good I had to share it with you guys. Here it is…..


Hey Andy,

I like your style of writing: upfront, to the point, in your face, funny and so on. I didn’t want to say you’re an inspiration to us all because it always looks soooo cheesy and to me it borders on adulation by the masses… but this time I have to hand it to you… your message was pretty darned good and you’re so right. It did the job with me and got me to thinking about actually doing something along these lines.

You see, I work full time at the moment and I’ve got a bit of a thing about being a full time employee and then holding myself out to be a “consultant” to business people and entrepreneurs that have had the guts to break out of the J.O.B. mould and work on their own business. I haven’t done this yet (although I want to) as I’m not prepared to risk my families security for the sake of my dreams and ambitions. Why should they suffer IF it were to go horribly wrong? Those in the “guru business IM world” that espouse the ideology of “burning your boats and making it work”, i.e. give up your day job so that if you don’t succeed, you won’t be able to eat or keep a roof over your head or pay the bills etc which literally FORCES you to succeed, are plain wrong. Might work with some people, but not for most. Does that make us bad or poor entrepreneurs or business people. NO! We’re sensible. BUT, as you write so clearly, consult alongside your day job UNTIL the consulting work is more than the day job, THEN give up the day job (if you want to that is!).

So please keep writing posts about this topic and give your readers practical hints and tips on the best way to do it or the best resources from which to learn how to break into this market. Remember here in the UK we are in a deep recession so there is a barrier from the start in terms of winning over small businesses and hiring us for such work.

I would be very interested in knowing how to charge for such work. What’s it worth? How do you strike a deal that’s win-win for both me as a consultant and the business as the client?

Please continue Andy……


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