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10 October, 2016

Obviously you are here because you want to start saving money, but what is your motivation? Are you looking for fast ways to save money, or have you a long term commitment that you want to achieve?

At some point in most our lives there are major expenses that ultimately will form the way you live now and later in retirement both of which we need to save for:

  1. A house
  2. Retirement
  3. Automobiles
  4. Vacations
  5. etc.

Have you thought about these? Have you prepared yourself?

Of course there are just day to day expenses that we need to deal with too: you know… like groceries, electricity, automobile expenses, clothing, school, emergencies, vacations, home repairs, gifts, children and maybe some of our sport activities too!

All of these things in life cost money, some more than others and we need to choose when and where to spend our hard earned dollars so at the end of the day we can say we saved some.

We all know nothing in life is free and although some things do cost less than others, we need to search out those cost savings in order to save a buck or two.

How Will We Do That?

Hopefully this frugal living website will guide you to savings, not just on products and services but also give you incentive and money saving ideas.

The internet is one of the best tools to find savings, from using a search bar or visiting your favorite on-line retailer, the savings can be found if you look. Sign up for weekly email flyers to get the latest in savings at your desk or on your mobile device.

Be careful not to get caught by the “it was such a low price I had to get one” even though you weren’t really looking for that item.

Approaching Retirement?

My wife and I are approaching retirement, me before her so my focus is to be sure we have enough money to live comfortably when we do.

Retirement is a highly overlooked area of saving money for most people. I fell into the same trap. Life seemingly gets in the way and the next thing you know you are at retirements door without 1.6 million dollars in the bank.

The site is new, please be patient as we build it!Of course check back often for updates.

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