Bicycle Carriers Extraordinarily Useful Devices To Transport Our Bike Conrads

7 February, 2013

Karl Von Drais from Germany invented bicycle in 1817. By that time, bike did not have pedal and the rider just run for making it moves. The shape from the bike has been developed time by time. The functions and technology have also changed along with multiple innovations that contributed to the history of bicycle. Now we have a up to date type of bicycle with carbon frame, multi-speed gear, bearing hub and several other features in it.

For lots of reasons, most of people love to use their bikes rather then motorized vehicles. Countries like The Nederlands and Denmark are popular as the country of bicycle mania. Most of its residents ride their bike as their every day transportation. Whenever they need to go to a place that faraway from their house, they could park their bike in bicycle special rack or carry it with bicycle carriers.Bicycle carriers are the very helpful equipments to transport your bike while you’re riding another vehicle. It is normally attached to an automobile for transporting bikes. In many countries, bicycle carriers are provided in any public transportation. Different country has different system. Bus mounted bike carriers can be simply attached to the front, rear trunk or the roof of the bus.

In some public transportation, we can mount the bicycles to the bicycle carriers by clamping and setting both front and rear wheels. Then tight it with tightener strap to keep it safe and reduce the shaking while the vehicle is bouncing. The other way is releasing the front wheel after placing the bike on the roof, and then tighten the bike fork in the steel bar , which is equipped with in-built locking mechanism. The rear wheel is strapped with a tightener then the top tube of your frame should also be tightened using rope. By doing that, you can transport your bike along with you then you may be able to ride it again to your destination. It is so fun that you just don’t need to use public transportation in the place away from home. You only should pedal your bike again to go anywhere you want.
Bicycle carriers are highly recommended for those who often do mountain bike riding. You can carry your mountain bike on your car to the mountain you are going to to conquer. Just go uphill with your car then go downhill in full speed with your full-suspension mountain bike in the mountain woodland. Then, you can mount your bicycle again and return to your home. You’ll save your energy and the time using bicycle carriers.

There are many manufacturers making top quality bicycle carriers for your own car. The materials can be simply carbon, steel and alloy. It comes with various ranges of price. The shape is dissimilar, depends on what kind of 4 wheels you drive. The nowadays technologies make everything so probable to reach anywhere by bringing your bike. It’s also possible to find a bike carrier on a motorcycle. It is mostly made from lightweight materials and foam to make sure the safety of your bike.

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