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26 July, 2016

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Blogging Without Dates – The pros, the cons and meeting in the middle

This is a guest post by Linda Dessau of ContentMasteryGuide.com
In his October 2011 post about why you no longer need a blog (in the traditional sense), John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing predicts that soon our content will “no longer be consumed in chronological fashion.”
When Jim Connolly of Internet Marketing Jam explored the question… [Read more of this review]

Pitching to bloggers – the do’s and don’ts of blogger pitching

This is a guest post by Kristy Shaw of Punch Communications.
Pitching to bloggers… the do’s and don’ts of blogger pitching
Life as a PR has certainly changed over the last few years; with the rise in popularity of blogs it has meant having to adapt the way I pitch to different types of media. Bloggers can be just as influential as many print… [Read more of this review]

Two Tips for Generating More Leads on Your Business Blog

Recently I joined the Social Media Biz School as an instructor. In the video below, I share a couple of the business blogging tips to give you a taste of the kind of strategies, tactics, tips and tools you’ll be learning in the free 27 minute webinar on demand: How to Generate More Leads with Social Media…
[Can’t see the video… [Read more of this review]

The BIG SEO Secret for Bloggers

This is a guest post by Adam Stetzer of Hubshout.
The BIG SEO Secret for Bloggers
I talk to bloggers just about every day. For a while last year my blogging blog was on page 1 for the Google search “blogging”, though we are now on page 3. With this type of exposure comes some crazy organic traffic. In fact, over 39,000 bloggers have registered… [Read more of this review]

5 Tips for Beefing Up a Short Blog Post

This is a guest post by Linda Dessau of ContentMasteryGuide.com
In How to Be a Weekly Blogger, I remove the pressure of having to write a feature article for your blog every week.
Instead, I suggest that you aim to write one feature article per MONTH, and then in the weeks in between you can play off that topic with connective content.
Connective content… [Read more of this review]

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