Boost Your Adsense Earnings by 100 Times

13 January, 2015

George Yeo asked:

There is no doubt that in order to make a decent income using Google AdSense, you need lots of traffic. But that is not all. You have to know more things than just blindly driving traffic to your site. You can actually earn a five figure income if you build your AdSense business with due care.

There are those who say that AdSense is dead, or is no longer a viable online business. That is not true, because if you understand how it works, you can literally make a passive income from AdSense alone. Here are some ways that you can use to quickly build an AdSense empire.

1. Build good content for your website/blog. If you spend the time developing an useful and informative website, your visitors will keep coming back for more information. Some of them will also share your site with their friends & family, thus generating more visitors to your site! In addition, search engines love content-rich websites, which means even more FREE visitors to your site! Content is king, do not doubt this.

2. Ad placement. You have to know where to place your AdSense ads to receive the best Click-Through Rates (CTR). The best positions to place your ads are at the top (that is the first thing that you see), right-hand side (that is where the mouse is, get it?) and bottom (you should use a graphic banner here to grab some attention). And do not litter your whole page with AdSense ads because it will make the page look messy & desperate.

3. Use high-paying keywords for your site. It is possible to generate a few dollars for a click, which means to say you earn even more, compared to those that generate a few cents. That is why you need to look for keywords that will pay you relatively well. Having said that, most people will jump in and create websites with high-paying keywords, thus increasing the competition. Therefore, it is important to find a niche that pays well but with little competition. You decide.

4. Build an empire of AdSense websites. The more websites you have, the more money you make. Makes sense? If a website is generating you $50 each month, imagine what 10 websites will do for you. You can earn some extra money with a couple of websites, but in order to get rich from AdSense, you need to have many more websites, all generating income for you. Start building a website, optimize it, send traffic, etc. Once it is making money ($100 a month as a gauge), build the next one. Keep repeating until you are happy with your AdSense income. But don’t forget to monitor your previous sites!

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