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7 February, 2016

Bounty Hunting and Bail Enforcement Training Manual

Are you familiar
with the pulse-pounding pursuits of people like Duane �Dog�
Chapman, Bob Burton, Ralph �Papa� Thorsen, or
Joshua Armstrong of the �Seekers?�
Can you imagine your name being
added to this list one day soon?  
If you can follow step-by-step
instructions, then be prepared for an investigation unlike anything
you have ever experienced before… because the manhunt starts
This highly lucrative type of
assignment captures the imaginations of many. The opportunities to
enjoy prestige, experience heart-stopping adrenaline and then see
that justice is served are endless. 
Here�s why: 
Our nation�s prison population is at
an all time high; the criminal justice system is letting more and
more offenders spill out onto our streets. 
With the constant and never ending budget cuts, our law
enforcement system cannot keep up with the increasing numbers of
criminals who continue to commit crime and violence in our
Bail enforcement agents (the �PC�
term for bounty hunters) are increasingly being called in to quickly
locate and apprehend these fugitives
� and using our
specialized methods we always do it without additional expense to
the government or the public.
Did you know that bounty hunters
arrested over 85% of the nations bail-secured fugitives last year? 
This number has steadily increased every year for the last 9
But very few would-be bounty hunters
ever get their first assignment. 
Those who try to break into this business without expert
guidance most often experience frustration by the confidential
nature of the bail recovery industry until they finally give up. 
Read on and I will share with
you the one fatal flaw that almost everyone makes and why they fail
as a result!
Hi, Scott Harrell here.  
I am the founder of CompassPoint Investigations and have been in
the bail recovery industry for 13 years. 
Some call me a bounty hunter, bail enforcement agent,
fugitive recovery investigator, whatever. 
I�ve never been one for titles- just doing a damn good job
with professionalism and respect.
To quickly and properly prepare my own
staff of brand new fugitive recovery investigators, I developed a
complete training manual in March of 2000, entitled Apprehending
Bail Fugitives
.  It
was essentially every scrap of information I learned, collected,
stole or had otherwise gotten after 9 successful years of hunting
fugitives.  This manual
remained a confidential �proprietary� resource for my employees
and continued to be refined with every new experience or development
in the bail recovery industry that any of us came across. 
Before I knew it, I had arrested more than 1,300 fugitives without
incident and have been quoted by some of the brightest and most
successful recovery agents today as the single most important
source for their success
.  I
am the �point man� for Reuters and the Associated Press news
services, I’ve been on radio and television both here and in Europe
and currently consult with a cable TV network station. 
I doubt there is a question that I haven�t answered or a
problem that I haven�t tackled and I pride myself on this
In response to the hundred or so �How
do I become a Bounty Hunter?�
emails I get each week
now (and to be able to focus on my own cases) I published this
manual in 2002 and offered it to others outside of my own company. 
To my shock, it met instant and resounding success. 
I honestly wasn�t prepared for what
happened since I chose to self-publish rather than to release my
material to companies like Amazon or the large booksellers.  I started getting letters from excited readers describing
their successes in starting their own bail recovery companies.
My name started showing up on the
Internet chat rooms and message boards from others who expressed
that they had stopped trying to reinvent the wheel and were able to
overcome the difficulties they had faced; they started making things
happen for themselves.  They
just needed guidance.  I
watched in silent awe and was satisfied that I was finally making a
Apprehending Bail Fugitives is now in
its third revision! It is the most
sought after manual on the subject of fugitive recovery today

because it continues to be constantly updated with the newest
techniques, latest strategies and the most confidential methods
written by a staff of active bail enforcement agents and private
who have been wildly successful for many years.  
You can get
it right now… instantly… through this first time offer as a
downloadable e-book.
We are so
pleased with your training material. 
This is why it is a requirement for all agents to take your course. 
Even though I consider myself kind of a “salty dog”
in this business, I did learn some new ideas from your course on how
to market.  I would
suggest that anyone thinking about getting into the industry take
your course; it is well worth every penny. 
Thanks so much from all of us.
You do not require a
college education, police training or military experience.
Our manual, Apprehending Bail Fugitives, was designed from
the outset to teach anyone, regardless of where they were in life,
the basic operating techniques bounty hunters use every day to
easily locate and arrest bail-secured fugitives. 
We then build upon that foundation by sharing with you the
most important secrets of our industry.  But best of all we can do this in a manner that cuts out
years of the old learning process.
We�ve made it
simple: read this manual today and get started on building your bail
enforcement career tomorrow using our tested step-by-step approach.
This manual
will teach you the topics absolutely mandatory to your success:
A comprehensive overview of the bail enforcement industry and
how it works
Getting started and
becoming a bounty hunter (bail enforcement agent)
Sources for possible employment with national companies
Marketing your own bail recovery services and finding
a mentor
Setting your fees and getting paid
Networking for national exposure
and getting a huge case load very quickly
The complete step by step approach to finding almost any
The hard core methods we use
to find the people who are �being difficult�
Understanding and obtaining every tool you will use in your
Surveillance methods and techniques, which will be essential
to your success
Getting the defendant into custody- safely
Use of force and survival skills training
Extradition and transporting defendants in your custody
Closing bail investigation assignments without
ever leaving the office
Crucial legal and ethical standards
information in this manual is the same DETAILED material we cover in
our 3-day seminars for which people gladly pay more than $485 to
Apprehending Bail Fugitives has been
received with huge praise and reviews from the best and brightest in
the industry and has received “exemplary recognition” by
members of the Professional Bondsmen of the United States (PBUS), an
association of bail bondsmen across the country. 
This is important�because these people may eventually
become your clients.
One word
Scott. Excellent. You are giving good sound advice, and it�s
presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. I�ve read
MANY books on the subject and have found most to be very boring and
monotonous. It�s very refreshing to finally find someone that is
articulate as well as knowledgeable. 
I�m going to make it required reading for my agents, and
with your permission, I�d like to use it in a school I�m going
to be doing for Florida agents. Your perspective on marketing is
just great. You explain those aspects in a way that I have been
unable to do with my people. And I must say, I learned a couple
things myself that I have already implemented as of today. 
Thanks Scott.                        
G Hysell
Surety Agent
SunState Bailbonds, Inc.
For a limited time I am offering Apprehending Bail Fugitives for
only $47.00.
And if you place your order right now, I am going to give you 3
free gifts that will give you the confidence and the ability to
obtain and close cases quickly, make more money and remove the
obstacles that others will never overcome:
Bonus #1 
Since I am committed to your success I
will give you my personal contact information- this is a direct line
which bypasses my voicemail system. 
Even though you are studying alone it does not mean you are
alone� If you run into a snag, I�ll be there to assist you in
any manner that I am able.  Call
or email me with your questions and we�ll see if we can�t work
on them together.
Bonus #2 
I will tell you my most prized and
sensitive secret
� Due to the continuing development of
technology and it�s increasing importance in the bounty hunting
industry, I�ve decided to expose the confidential nature of the
most important new skip tracing tool to have been introduced since
the advent of the online database in 1997! 
We have learned how to exploit
opportunities presented with new digital cell phones and their
ability to be tracked and located to within a few hundred feet at
any given moment!
will show you exactly how it works and why this may soon be the only
technique you will ever need in a fugitive investigation.
If you can close the �impossible
case� quickly, you will crush your competition!
What is it that
really sets the successes apart from the guys who are struggling to
make it in this business?  The
answer is that they do not treat this as a real honest-to-god
business!  They fail to
market or advertise even at a bare minimum. 
In 1995, I put my company in �over-drive� when I sent out
my first simple advertisement. 
The cases started coming in from all over the country; who
could have known that fugitives from all over the US ended up in my
corner of Texas?  I had
no idea but I was quickly swamped with work and had to hire 2 agents
to help with the overflow.
Trust me, I hate
writing as much as the next guy! 
I have already included many examples of the exact letters
I�ve used for almost 10 years in my manual but as a special gift
for trying Apprehending Bail Fugitives, I�m going to send you a
copy of my advertising �Swipe File.� 
It�s 10 hard-hitting short reports �borrowed� from the
masters of marketing.  I
use these every time I have to pound out a new advertising piece. 
It�s exactly how I learned to write them and is 100%
responsible for the success we enjoy at CompassPoint Investigations
You�ll learn
the secrets of what makes great advertising compelling to your
clients, what psychological factors make your letter irresistible,
the best headlines I�ve personally seen, how get your clients to
talk positively about you (regularly) and exactly how to get them
into action.
Discovering these closely guarded
secrets is the only thing that separates those who go on to
experience enormous success in this business and those who will
always barely get by.
OK- Let�s not waste each other�s
If you live in Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon or Wisconsin you
need to know that
the commercial bail bond industry was abolished many years
ago and bounty
hunters were banned as well. 
Certainly, there are people working in this
industry in those states but it is illegal in most cases and
a risky proposition at
best.  This
program may not be right for you.
  If you are a felon or a fugitive, for obvious reasons this
program is certainly not
for you.  You may
attempt to learn our methods but they are so powerful you
will be helpless to stop whoever is looking for you.
  If you are not ready to
pounce on an opportunity to make more money, to find a
career that you can actually enjoy working at every day, the
ability to network
with professionals, and to leave a legacy in your own
community then this
program is not for you. 
You�ve got nothing to lose at this point! 
Investing in your future, and
ultimately a rewarding career in bail enforcement has never been
easier or more secure.
We�ve enlisted the help of ClickBank, the worlds largest and
most secure payment-processing gateway. 
They handle millions of transactions a year and are the
�only choice� considered by Internet professionals. 
They do not maintain your banking information and will never
put you on a mailing list.  Your
privacy is 100% assured.
When you click on the Buy Now link, you will be taken to
ClickBank�s SSL secured website where you will be able to order by
credit card, bank transfer or with an online check. 
After the transaction has been approved you will be taken
instantly to my download page where you will immediately have access
  your copy of Apprehending Bail Fugitives
  my personal contact information and direct telephone number
  the exclusive report on locating fugitives via their cell
  and my marketing masters advertising swipe file!
We provide easy download instructions
but if you have any problems along the way I will be there to help. 
Simply e-mail me with your ordering questions at ScottH@FindFugitives.com. 
Once your order is complete, please e-mail or call me on my
direct line with any and all questions you may have. 
having searched the Internet for a good bail enforcement course I
decided on Apprehending Bail Fugitives. 
I am amazed at the results I was able to achieve. 
Not only was the course extremely well put together and
informative- I was able, using the marketing tools, to secure 4
clients within two weeks of doing my first mailing. 
At the conclusion of the third week we had our first
apprehension and our first check!!! We are now in the fourth week
and I have added 3 more clients to our list.
I highly
recommend to “anyone” wanting to get into the bail
enforcement business to take this course!
L. Raynes
Recovery of Maryland
The business of bail enforcement is changing at break-neck speed
and we�re on top of it.  You
have the opportunity right now to obtain the finest manual ever
written on the subject of breaking into the fugitive recovery
industry for a only $47.00.  Use it to
chase your dream and finally be satisfied with the direction in
which you are headed.
Do you want to be a bounty hunter?  If you are ready�
then it�s time to begin right now.
 Warmest Regards,
 L. Scott Harrell
 CompassPoint Investigations
 �In relentless pursuit for your success!�
 (214) 481-0871
I almost forgot!  I
told you that I would share with you the
one fatal flaw that almost everyone makes
and why they
fail as a result!  It�s
simple: those who fail to get current bail recovery training, just
like the kind you will find in the Apprehending Bail Fugitives
manual, cannot �talk the talk.� 
There is a term that I refer to as �bailspeak.� 
It describes the way we all talk amongst each other and with
our clients; it�s the technical jargon necessary to sound informed
and �on the inside.� 
It never fails; would-be bounty hunters without training jump on
the phone and start calling potential clients looking for work,
assignments, or employment.  When
they get the cold shoulder, the �blow off,� or the �we don�t
use bounty hunters� line- they don�t realize that it was because
they either sounded ignorant or ill informed; instead they get
frustrated and give up.
In our business, you�ve got to �talk the talk� before you
will ever get to �walk the walk!�  
One last thing�  If you order today- I will send you a surprise
bonus report
via email as my way of saying �Thank
you and great job!�
for choosing to start today and not
letting another sunset go down on a one of a kind opportunity.
I look forward to sending you this
gift today!

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