Braces in an Orthodontist Denham Springs

11 June, 2016

We mostly live by on the misnomer that dental “braces” are the brackets that are stuck on our teeth. The truth is, braces are comprised of bands, brackets, ligatures and more. New and advanced “self-ligation” (or sliding door technology) system can supersede and could be chosen over the traditionalist dental braces that use elastic ligature, depending on the patient’s preference. However, it is much suggested to visit a dental clinic close by. In an orthodontist Denham Springs for instance, a patient can have his or her dental issues solved and questions answered if one could allow the time.

The main parts of a dental brace are called i.e. ligature, archwire and brackets. A ligature is the clamp-like part that attaches the archwire against the bracket. The archwire is the metal wire that slide diagonally the teeth. Whereas the bracket is the grove secured upon the tooth, tightly holding the wire and the ligature. There are other minor parts, but quintessentially the three mentioned are the most important ones used to straighten a person’s teeth. Overtime dental braces are used to treat gap, bite issues and to correct the alignment of teeth. You can stop at an orthodontist Denham Springs to consult and to determine just what kind of braces would be best to fit your lifestyle and your dental problems. Below are among your top choices:

Metal Braces. When we say metal braces, we are being brought an image of heavy metal wire attached across our teeth, using the traditional elastic ligature. These days however they are made as smaller, more charming braces that are wearable even by adolescents and adults.

Ceramic braces. These “clear” braces use a translucent material that is transparent enough to be rather more appealing than the metal braces. Rather than using steel, ceramic braces are made of clear material that makes it passable as “cute.” On the other hand, some reports of teeth discoloration and its fragility may want you to consider wearing it.

Invisalign. This technology rises up dental braces to a new level. It utilizes a 3-D computer generation in designing a set of aligners to be worn by the patient who wishes his or her bite or teeth issues corrected. Invisalign is most apt for those who want to get rid of the disadvantage of “too obvious” and “too burdensome” metal braces, notably for eating and brushing the teeth. It is made of translucent material and can be removed when desired.

SmartClip. This metal brace is developed and provided only by 3M Unitek. It is different from the usual metal brace in that it incorporates the “self-ligation” technology or the “sliding door” system. The archwire can be slid back and forth along the ligature, making it more efficient. It is reported to be more comfortable to the patient, and shortens the time of the treatment.

Damon. Damon braces also use a “self-ligation” technology. Both the metal and elastic archwires are replaced by a slide mechanism that aligns teeth faster with a curtailed pressure and in a less required time.

Always make sure that your orthodontist Denham Springs would be conscientious enough to let you know the responsibilities of wearing a dental brace or a set of aligners. And the patient would have to be reminded to keep his/her dentist’s prescription. Remember: no matter how good your dentist is, if the patient is disobliging then the treatment will be futile.

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