Breaking the 2 Year Blogging Curse Pt 1

22 June, 2013

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/ Breaking the 2 Year Blogging Curse, pt 1.

January 21, 2012 by ifresh  
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Yesterday, I introduced the 2 Year Blogging Curse. Today let’s look at some ways to break what seems to afflict so many new and established bloggers.

Cut Back.

Who says you have to blog every day? If 365 fresh posts sounds scary know that you can make whatever posting schedule you like. Here are some other schedules to consider:

  • Blog M-F for a workable 261 posts.
  • Blog every other day for a comfortable 182 posts.
  • Blog M-W-F for a stress-free 156 posts.
  • Blog Tu & Th for an easy 104 posts.
  • Blog Weekly for a painless 52 posts.
  • Blog Monthly for an effortless 12 posts.

Write Less.

What’s the magical word count to get the mighty Google search engine to notice you? I’ve no idea. I have heard anywhere from 500 words to as little as 250 words. It seems more myth than truth to me.

So if you’re used to writing long in-depth articles why not scale back and pull a Seth Godin? His blog posts are notable for being short, concise, and thought provoking. You can do the same.

365 posts at 500 words a post is 182,500 words in a year, but 365 posts at 80 words a post is a manageable 29,200 words.

Get a New Angle.

If the current way you’re blogging bores you, it probably bores your readers, but quitting isn’t the answer. Just think about it. Quitting an old blog and starting a new, negates all your previous efforts. Who wants to lose 182,500 or more words on a subject? I wouldn’t. That would be so depressing. Instead of chugging away at the same old same old, come at your topic from a different angle.

Tomorrow I’ll go over three more ideas to help you break the 2 Year Blogging Curse.

Keira hails from Love Romance Passion, a site known for it’s romance novel reviews. She’s a longtime romance reader, a Kindle 2 owner, and a junkie for USA TV shows. She loves marriage of convenience plots and angst ridden breakups that ultimately end up in gooey happily ever afters. You can also find her on Twitter.

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