Btc Robot The First Bitcoin Robot Full Review

14 April, 2014

**** Updated **** Full Review Below ****

If you stopped by here sometime prior to the release of Bitcoin Robot, you may have been left in suspense slightly and if so we apologize here at OnlineMakingMoneyTips.Com. We finally got around to testing this thing out and below we talk a little about our findings.

We tested the gold plan, which currently sells for $248 and includes a one-year membership (no subscription) with no extra monthly costs along with trade hosting and a VPS.  So there was no need to go out and look for additional hosting, a server or any other tools to get up and running. This was a big positive for us as with other trading software out there, hosting is always an additional thing to consider and can really make or break your performance.

Now we’ve had some experience with other types of trading robots in the past so we sort of knew what to expect but it should be noted that, the interface is designed in such a way that even novice or beginner traders can catch on quickly. You do not need to have previous experience what so ever with trading stocks, binary options, forex or any other type of investments to be able to profit with BTC Robot. This became evident as we let one of our more computer illiterate friends have a go at it and was able to not only grasp the concepts but also make a few bucks in the process, no joke we were surprised!

The one other very important aspect we should mention is support and in the gold package support ticket expedition is listed. We had a small isolated issue on our vps so we need to contact support before we were able to use the software for the first time. Fortunately they’re support is not only timely but also very highly professional. We got our tiny issue sorted and were up and running in what was less than a day easily. For such a complex robot this is very fast response time, I’ve used dedicated servers in the past that have taken days to respond to tickets. So on the support side of things A++ has to be given to this team for their professionalism.

There is not much more to mention really, bottom line is the product over delivers as advertised and will most likely change how Bitcoins are traded going forward. If the price puts you off a bit remember the value it can provide you with time and time again.
Value in this instance being profits and the potential for them over and over is endless when you combine BTC Robot with some continuous ambition.

So The First Bitcoin Robot will be released on August 13th and saying there is a substantial amount of hype floating around out there is the understatement of the year.

What we know about BTC Robot is that is the first of it’s kind in a market that seems to
be growing exponentially with time. Unlike other trading software for existing markets such forex or binary options, Bitcoin Robot operates in a truly unique fashion that literally puts it into a class of it’s own.

Because governments do not control Bitcoins, trading with BTC Robot eliminates so many unnecessary variables that are so prevalent in the above-mentioned markets such as, inflated spreads, slippage and commissions for brokers to mention a few. BTC Robot can place an unlimited number of small trades 24/7 ensuring profits are being made round the clock.

There will be three licensing options available to purchase, which enables flexibility in terms of initial investment required to be up and running.

Check back in about a week after BTC Robot releases, we will be adding a full review once we get our hands on this tool.

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