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3 February, 2012

Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom
If you would like to make the bedrooms in your home comfortable and attractive but do not have a lot of money to spend, you may be interested in the following inexpensive bedroom decor tips. Whether you are decorating your own room, a child’s room, or a spare bedroom, these strategies can be used to create an inviting space.
The centerpiece for any bedroom is clearly the bed. Choose a bed that is attractive but still comfortable. To save space in a room that two children share, consider bunk beds. They are much better for space than single beds, and it leaves more room to play.
Basic, average wooden bunk beds are available at a low cost, and you can paint them to match the decor of your child’s room and to meet their particular tastes.
Once you have found the right bed, you can start to decorate the rest of the room. It’s always fun to choose a particular theme to tie it all together. Whatever theme you decide to go with, choose inexpensive items to accessorize. Try to recycle old items for new uses, and browse yard sales and thrift stores for unique pieces.
For example, old blankets could be sewn into throw pillows; an old birdbath could function as a nightstand.
Fabrics can be used to decorate the bedrooms of children or adults. Fun fabrics can be found at most department stores; sometimes great designs can be found in the clearance section. Fabric is extremely versatile and can be used to make wall hangings, canopies, and much more.
A bedroom should be a fun and comfortable place. With just a small effort, you can make your room a great place to relax and just spend some time.
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